Hello, everyone from CoinEx. In this article, we are going to introduce AMM, which has been popular for quite a while. What is AMM exactly? How to earn income from yield farming in the CoinEx AMM market? Here are all the things you need to know.

Automated Market Making (AMM) provides continuous quotations for the market

As we all know, the market maker MM is an entity responsible for adding liquidity to the exchange while making a profit on the bid-ask spread by buying and selling assets in its own account. …

Let’s start with the introduction of three major characteristics of AMM:

First, automatic market making to make profits

After user provides liquidity, the funds will be deposited in the liquidity pool for automatic market making, and 60% of the transaction fee paid by all trading users (100% in the CET/USDT market) will be allocated to all liquidity providers according to the proportion of their shares in the liquidity pool.

Second, daily income accumulated to be withdrawn all at once

The income from transaction fees earned in the market-making account is calculated once a day, and is automatically deposited into the…

On April 21st 2021, CoinEx and Xaya held joint AMA. Andrew Colosimo, Xaya Founder, answered users’ questions about unique features of Xaya, blockchain and roadmap. Enjoy!;-)

Q1. Could you please introduce yourself and Xaya to our community?

Andrew: My name is Andrew Colosimo and I’m one of the founders of Xaya. Myself and my team have been involved in blockchain gaming since we created Huntercoin, which was the first blockchain game in 2013. Huntercoin is it’s own blockchain with a game world or MMO running on top of it. It was created as an experiment and to be supported for…

We are very pleased to announce our new global strategic partnership with leading peer-to-peer crypto marketplace Paxful, to support Fiat-to-Crypto in Latin American.

This integration will allow CoinEx users to buy Bitcoin directly use Paxful’s peer-to-peer trading network, including Peso Argentino (ARS), Peso Mexicano (MXN), Peso Colombiana (COP), Peso Chileno (CLP), Sol Peruano (PEN) y Real Brasileño (BRL)through the CoinEx Fiat Gateway.

“Latin America is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency market, but actually many individuals are unable to get bank accounts, which is a factor driving cryptocurrency adoption. Paxful provides users a variety of ways to buy crypto, this…

Dear CoinEx users, to keep you updated each week, we will share with you a recap of all the exciting events of the previous week. Below are major events that occurred in the ecosystem over the 5–11 April 2021.


Уважаемые пользователи CoinEx,

Чтобы отпраздновать выход CoinEx на русскоязычный рынок и поблагодарить пользователей за поддержку, CoinEx проведет мероприятие ”Открывайте коробку CoinEx Mart и торгуйте бессрочными контрактами, чтобы разделить 20,000 USDT”. Детали:

Время проведения: 01.04.2021 03:00 (MSK) — 11.04.2021 03:00 (MSK)

Мероприятие 1: Открывайте коробку CoinEx Mart, собирайте матрешки, чтобы разделить 10,000 USDT

Условия участия:

Пользователи из русскоязычных стран (список стран смотрите ниже), прошедшие KYC верификацию, могут участвовать в данном мероприятии. Нажмите здесь, чтобы пройти KYC.

Детали мероприятия:

1. Во время мероприятия, за каждые 200 USD торгового объема на любом спотовом рынке, или за каждые 800 USD торгового объема на любом…


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