2021 Year in Review: CoinEx Reaches New Highs Together with Users Through a More Established Ecosystem and Improved Services

4 min readJan 29, 2022


1. The total transaction volume worldwide and the number of registered users hit a record high

In the past year, CoinEx listed 300 premium, innovative, promising assets, and introduced 604 new markets, a year-on-year growth of 182.93% and 237.80%. In 2021, the exchange worked to identify more promising projects to offer users more trading options and help them seize market opportunities. Meanwhile, its total transaction volume worldwide also hit a record high, with a year-on-year growth of 882% in spot transactions and 6,840% in futures transactions!

To date, CoinEx services cover 16 languages, and the number of trading users has grown by 1,920%. The exchange, now boasting more than 3 million registered users, builds a crypto bridge for users in over 200 countries and regions across the globe.

2. CoinEx brings more returns to users through AMM and Financial Account

AMM (automated market making), an iconic product of CoinEx, allows the average user to become market makers by providing liquidity for the liquidity pool. It enables you to share the service fees earned by the platform and get more profits. Right now, you can try out AMM on CoinEx as a market maker for just $200!

In 2021, CoinEx users participating in AMM provided over $35 million liquid funds for the platform. Last year, the top 5 historical returns of AMM include CVP, PHX, KP3R, AUDIO, and NKN. In particular, the return on CVP reached 11,491%! (The above content does not constitute any investment advice)

Featuring on-demand deposits and withdrawals with compound interest, the CoinEx Financial Account is the favorite choice of steady investment for many CoinEx users. With a 25.0245% ATH APY of USDT Financial Account, beginner users can earn profits without having to go through complicated operations.

3. A total of 6.1 billion CET burned in 2021, driving up the token’s ecosystem value

Last June, the mainnet of CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), which is born for open finance, was launched. In 2021, the repurchasing and burning of CET, a value-added services & privileges scheme in the exchange’s business ecosystem, and also the gas powering CSC, also hit record highs.

As of December 31, 2021, a total of 6.1 billion CET has been repurchased and burned, with a peak value of $890 million. Last year, the peak price of CET stood at $0.15, while the proportion of CET repurchased and burnt in 2021 to the total burnt in all history was 11.87%. The ecosystem value of CET has continued to grow.

4. Upgrade products to give back to users: CoinEx strives to offer satisfying services and experiences

In 2021, CoinEx fully upgraded its security, covering the system, assets, and transactions, to keep users’ assets safe and secure. Moreover, it also optimized features that include Pro Quotation, PNL Analysis, TP/SL in Futures, and Stop-Market in Futures to provide improved product experiences and services for CoinEx users.

In addition to product upgrades, the exchange also introduced a series of giveaway events to give back to users and share the dividends brought by the platform. In 2021, CoinEx has altogether given away in-site promotional rewards worth over $4.5 million. Creating values for more users has always been a goal of CoinEx.

5. Team is the №1 “product”: the CoinEx team kept expanding

In 2021, CoinEx has been active on major social platforms, attracting over 300,000 global fans. CoinEx Global holds one event per day on average, giving away event rewards of more than $20,000.

CoinEx Global has recruited Ambassadors and Partners in 100+ countries and regions worldwide. In addition, we also presented Blockchain Bingo, a video mascot that promotes popular blockchain knowledge.

Over the past year, CoinEx’s application ecosystem, jointly empowered by ViaBTC, ViaWallet, CoinEx Smart Chain, OneSwap, and ViaBTC Capital, also continued to expand. The progress of CoinEx is inseparable from the continued support of CoinEx users. The 3 million global users are the ones who drove CoinEx forward in 2021 as it advanced via accumulated momentum.

Haipo Yang, CoinEx’s founder and CEO, said that in 2022, CoinEx will continue to explore the right direction, advance firmly in stability, and become the infrastructure of the blockchain world. CoinEx’s performance in 2021 was satisfying. This year, we expect more crypto enthusiasts to join CoinEx. Together, we will embark on a new crypto adventure.

Learn more here: https://announcement.coinex.com/hc/en-us/articles/4416574281236




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