4 Years of Solid Progress: CoinEx is All Set for a New Adventure

Pursuing solid progress over the long term, CoinEx has recorded plenty of accomplishments over the last four years

Looking back on CoinEx’s journey over the past four years, all its moves are based on long-term considerations and solid efforts:

CoinEx’s globalization strategy — A major milestone and the beginning of a new adventure

For CoinEx, the formulation and extension of its globalization strategy and its expanding global presence are both major milestones during the past four years of growth. From the recruitment of ambassadors for building the CoinEx business ecosystem in 2020 to marching into multiple language zones around the world in 2021, CoinEx has attracted an increasing number of ambassadors and partners, who have become another backbone of the exchange. This is why CoinEx’s globalization strategy represents a major milestone during its development over the last four years.



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