4 Years of Steady Growth: CoinEx Partners with Market Makers to Improve the Crypto Market

3 min readDec 19, 2021


Along with the boom of new crypto concepts like DeFi, NFT, and the metaverse, institutional investors have flocked to the crypto world and brought massive funds and droves of new users with them. For trading platforms, which are the chief carriers of funding and user traffic in the crypto sector, this is both an opportunity and a challenge.

In light of the increased liquidity brought to many crypto exchanges by the surge in funding and user traffic, the key metric of a trading platform’s overall strength is whether it could maintain market liquidity and depth while ensuring sound trading experiences.

As a long-standing crypto exchange with a global presence, CoinEx has worked to build a secure, stable, and reliable trading system as it improved users’ trading experiences in the four years since its inception. Powered by solid progress, the exchange has kept moving forward in the crypto space. It is one of the few reputable trading platforms that stayed committed to its original goals. CoinEx has always been offering sound trading experiences even in bull markets where investors and users go crazy for cryptos or when the market drastically fluctuates as a result of extreme conditions. In the past four years, the exchange has never suffered any security breach, a rare record in the crypto industry.

Apart from first-rate trade services offered for the average trader, CoinEx also provides personalized services for professional traders. Since its launch, the Market Maker Program, a key CoinEx service targeting professional traders, has received extensive recognition among all types of investors, including individual traders, quantitative institutions, asset managers, market makers, etc.

In terms of trade services, the Market Maker Program features all-encompassing trade statistics and fast API services. It offers ensured system security, stability, and expertise for market makers and crypto investors. For instance, the exchange maintains the lowest margin in the industry, refuses to advance forced liquidation or manipulate the candlestick chart, and ensures the full payment of loss provisions. These commitments have minimized the potential risks for makers and investors under extreme market conditions.

Moreover, the Market Maker Program comes with negligible fees. For market makers, the fees of a platform are as important as its security and stability because lower fees would bring them higher profits. As such, the exchange decided to offer incredible fee discounts. On CoinEx, the market making rates are as low as -0.015% (perpetual) and 0.000% (spot). It provides reduced rates, more market choices, and higher commissions, allowing CoinEx makers to get more widely involved in market making and earn profits.

Of course, CoinEx’s advantage is not limited to its maker fees. More importantly, the exchange relies on leading products & technologies, sound security performance, and first-class trade services. CoinEx’s leading role in the crypto sector is evident through its prudent track record under extreme market conditions, as well as its steady operation for the past four years without a single security breach. As it offers premium trade services, improved market depth, and ensured trading experiences, CoinEx is also working with market makers to improve the environment of crypto trades and contribute to the sound growth of the crypto market over the long term.