50+ PoW Coins Supported: CoinEx Continues to List Premium, Trending Cryptos

4 min readSep 8, 2023

PoW coins are an essential part of the crypto market. Since 2023, KAS, with its skyrocketing hashrate, has quickly gone viral in the crypto space, becoming one of the favorite coins among GPU miners. As the success of KAS has reignited the market’s interest in PoW, a growing number of well-performing, innovative PoW projects have emerged, attracting both the community and investors.

CoinEx, a global crypto exchange, has been closely monitoring the PoW category, offering a diverse range of cryptos for investors in PoW coins. The exchange now supports over 50 PoW projects. On CoinEx, users can go to Market Data and select the PoW tag to easily access details about PoW coins listed on the exchange. This allows investors to evaluate a coin’s performance and trends to make informed decisions.

CoinEx has remained at the forefront of crypto innovation since its inception in 2017. As it boosts trading efficiency, the exchange also strives to offer easy-to-use, convenient, and seamless products and services for more crypto users from around the world. Apart from product upgrades, CoinEx has focused on innovation and progress in technology and security, offering better services to facilitate accessible crypto trading worldwide.

CoinEx now features a wide array of products and services, covering spot trading, swap, futures contracts, margin trading, AMM, crypto finance, and strategic trading, in addition to comprehensive trading choices offered to over 4.5 million users worldwide. This August, CoinEx upgraded its market maker program, with expanded privileges across the board. Meanwhile, the exchange also launched the Global Broker Program, which caters to more professional traders. The program also offers more flexibility and diversity to retail users, making it more satisfying to trade crypto on the platform. By embracing different crypto segments, CoinEx intends to drive progress across the crypto ecosystem.

Beyond that, CoinEx offers a versatile selection of crypto assets to users across 200 countries and regions, adding more diversity to their trading options. As of now, the exchange has listed 740+ premium, innovative cryptos, spanning BTC, DASH, KAS, AYA, and more. With 50+ PoW coins supported, CoinEx meets the demands of all PoW traders. Through rigorous coin selection and constant new listings, CoinEx continues to provide users with more choices, ensuring freedom in crypto trading.

It should also be noted that CoinEx listed KAS in November 2022, making it one of the earliest platforms to feature KAS. Since 2023 kicked off, KAS has remained popular, and early traders and holders have made a fortune on CoinEx through the KAS surge. CoinEx users can now check the real-time market performance and trends of all PoW coins through the Market segment, including price swings over different periods, market cap, and current prices. Additionally, on CoinEx, users can also access the coin information and trading markets of different PoW projects.

Since its inception almost six years ago, CoinEx has consistently monitored industry trends and user demands to perfect its offerings and list more promising crypto assets. As it helps more users trade cryptos with ease, the exchange has enabled investors to seize market opportunities ahead of others and unlock financial possibilities.

The market is witnessing constant emergence of quality PoW projects as it develops. Amidst an ever-changing landscape, the PoW sector is also evolving, and investors need to stay updated on market trends to unlock higher returns. Meanwhile, CoinEx’s PoW section will continue to monitor community interest and bring more premium, innovative coins to investors.

About CoinEx

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