A Focus on Operation and Product: A Recap of CoinEx’s Global Expansion in the Past Four Years

CoinEx’s global presence with blessings from all over the world

CoinEx’s well-rounded globalization strategy has started back in 2017 when it was just created. Backed by a multi-crypto trading system open to all crypto users, the exchange now supports multiple languages, covering Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc. This has sped up the connection between the CoinEx ecosystem and global markets.

Building a product-centered global trading ecosystem through diversified operation

During the past four years, CoinEx has remained committed to a globalized operation strategy. To better engage in diversified competition, it has strategically upgraded its products, team, etc.

Powered by a proactive ecosystem roadmap, CoinEx aims to lead the next Golden Decade

Looking back on the last four years in the crypto world when exchanges have all sped up development, CoinEx has also witnessed drastic changes, growing from a crypto exchange to a global ecosystem alliance that incorporates the mining pool, venture capital, wallet, public chain, and crypto applications.

CoinEx pursues its globalization strategy with unrelenting efforts

In the past four years, CoinEx has pursued a strategy of “globalized development”. Aiming to achieve “zero security breach & ultimate user experiences”, the exchange has remained committed to innovation-driven growth with the layout in the product, operation, and ecosystem.



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