A Panoramic Review of CoinEx’s 4th Anniversary: Its Past, Present, and Future

Crypto trading platforms have always been trending towards the “ultimate user experience backed by security and stability”. Along with the progress of crypto technologies and the rise of crypto concepts, crypto trading platforms now face new demands. In the coming stage, the crypto market will focus on how to provide better crypto services for users.

Founded during the crypto peak, CoinEx had gained a foothold amidst the crypto bear

When CoinEx was created in December 2017, the crypto market was at its height. Thanks to the smooth trading experience of the exchange, CoinEx stood out from peers soon after its launch and became a well-noted “innovative exchange”. Driven by the bullish factors, the whole crypto market was thriving. Meanwhile, CoinEx was also fast-growing, and investors were flocking into the crypto market.

The sudden bear in 2018, lethal to plenty of crypto projects, poured cold water on the ambitious CoinEx. Rising from the bodies of dead projects were those who had been awakened. During the history of cryptos, each transition between the bear and the bull presented both challenges and opportunities. During this crypto winter, the awakened CoinEx had seized the opportunity.

Confronted with the reduced user traffic, unfavorable policies, and bearish trends, CoinEx started a process of self-reflection. While other exchanges were seeking short-term profits, the exchange formulated a long-term, prudent development plan, covering changes in terms of team management, product improvement, and trade services.

Having gone through a prolonged bear cycle, CoinEx now regards users as its major building block. The pursuit of down-to-earth progress has bought the exchange more time to grow and laid a solid foundation for its rise in the future.

Sticking through bears and bulls, CoinEx is gathering crypto momentum once again

During the early days of the crypto market, the race among exchanges was underscored by crypto types and user traffic. At the time, exchanges had no clear path for development, and the users were, by no means, mature investors. For crypto exchanges, the greatest expenditure was marketing. During the transition between bulls and bears, crypto users have matured, and exchanges have found a clearer roadmap. The once extensive growth model has been replaced with refined operations. Nowadays, crypto exchanges focus more on user experiences, the trading ecosystem, and the security system. Moreover, technology investment has become their chief expenditure. During this process, CoinEx has led the change and embraced the overall trends.

To meet users’ demands for trading and build a more diversified trading ecosystem, CoinEx has expanded its product range, covering spot trading, margin trading, perpetual contract, and financial products. Through a wide range of CoinEx products, users could benefit from the exchange’s one-stop services that include all kinds of innovative applications in crypto finance.

Since most crypto exchanges do not prioritize technology, they generally adopt the same set of demos to save costs. As such, trades on these exchanges are subject to delay, downtime, and slippage. On CoinEx, the independently developed trading system has addressed the trade problems that have been troubling users. With fast responses and efficient interactions, CoinEx offers the ultimate trading experience.

Through the cutthroat market competition, CoinEx realized that the user experience is the most vital competitive edge. This is why it has continued to pursue innovative products and services and engaged in repeated upgrades of trading experience and mechanism, making it one of the most user-friendly innovative crypto exchanges out there.

Always moving forward, CoinEx strives for extensive ecosystem growth, with a focus on CEX

As many crypto exchanges suffer from major security breaches, safety has gradually become a top priority for exchanges. To users, safety and stability are the key factors for choosing an exchange. In this regard, CoinEx has always stayed highly alert, and there have been zero security breaches on the exchange since day one.

From platform-based tokens to derivatives, exchanges have never stopped competing with each other. Over time, they have become used to the race of innovation in terms of products and user experiences. As the traffic hub connecting the crypto world with cyberspace, crypto exchanges have started a new war in public chains, which has become a major indicator for measuring the success of an exchange’s ecosystem.

CoinEx has started to plan for public chains long before it built the CoinEx Smart Chian (CSC) ecosystem. According to the exchange, CSC was intended to create a closed-loop chain of value. Therefore, universal decentralization was never its priority. Instead, it pursues effective and appropriate decentralization based on DeFi ecosystem application scenarios that support yield farming. Having adopted the POS+POA consensus mechanism, CSC improves the speed of interactions within its ecosystem and enhances the throughput capacity, which significantly reduces the block time while ensuring the openness and transparency of the network.

In terms of public chains, CoinEx has recorded an outstanding performance. On the one hand, CSC, an underlying blockchain infrastructure, shows great growth potential over the long term. On the other hand, CoinEx could tap into the CSC economy to increase the value of its own platform-based token, while attracting and supporting more innovative projects for diversified asset development.

Embracing the overall trend, CoinEx has embarked on a path towards globalization

Crypto technology now represents one of the core technologies for countries to develop an edge in development. Perhaps, the current task of exchanges as the drivers for crypto development is to facilitate the growth of the global crypto sector in a more effective manner. Having embarked on a path towards globalization, CoinEx has gained the recognition of millions of users worldwide.

During the past two years, CoinEx has focused on global markets and introduced support in multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Koran, Russian, etc. Through the secure, trustworthy crypto trade services it offers for users in over 100 countries and regions, the exchange allows global users to benefit from the fast circulation and secure transaction of assets.

In today’s globalized crypto market, CoinEx’s hard work is paying off. Always putting users first, the exchange has not only built a solid foundation in marketing but also focused on the specific crypto segments and created a global business ecosystem. Rome is not built in one day. Through four years of crypto adventure, CoinEx will continue to strive forward while providing first-class, secure asset services and building a sound crypto ecosystem.



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