All About CoinEx AMA recap: Chat with Haipo Yang

About CoinEx

Q: What is your plan on CoinEx?

Q: How to attract more people trade and deposit in CoinEx?

Q: Do you have plans for CoinEx to be more community-oriented and transparent? And will there be any strategies to strengthen the relationship between CoinEx and its users who will then have a chance to participate further in its development and growth?

Q: What is the plan to bring more traffic to CoinEx? On the technical side, we never doubted yet we want to see more marketing highlights.

Q: For oversea Chinese, they knew about CoinEx mostly from BCH community or their friends. What is the plan of overseas promotion aside from CoinEx Ambassador?

Q: Since your last AMA, Bianace was hacked for 7,000 BTC. What did you think of CZ’s response, the exchange’s commitment to make users’ whole and cover the costs, etc?

Q: In Germany or some European countries, we didn’t read English very well. Will German being listed as a display option for CoinEx?

Q: Since USDT has been performed quite unstable recently, in comparison to other trading pairs, ex. BTC/USD. Is it possible we could trade USDT like BTC, BCH or other digital currencies in the perpetual contract trading?

Q: What about CoinEx Meet-up?

About Listing

Q: Will “Vote for Token Listing” be supported by using CoinEx Token as its vote? For instance, MXC exchange has promised their voters using exchange token with priority purchase at a 1/3 market price once the token/coin wins the voting.

Q: We see some of the coins/tokens that maybe fail to meet your criteria get delisted. Does it indicate a lack of consideration when listing them in the first place?

Q: The Accelerator got suspended and why? It’s a nice feature but some modification of participation method might be good.

Q: You can learn from Huobi to sell BCH at half price.

About CoinEx Chain

Q: What is the progress on CoinEx Chain development? When can we expect its release?

Q: Will you consider, say, issue CoinEx Stablecoin based on CoinEx Chain or CoinEx Token and use CET as its gas?

Q: Will you consider building a decentralized exchange that supports huge amount of data and real-time settlement based on BCH or CET public chain?

Q: How will SLP Tokens be issued on CoinEx Chain and what are their applications?

About CoinEx Token

Q: You mentioned on Weibo that those who missed BNB can pay attention to CET. Are you saying that the potential value of CET is unequal to its current price?

Q: We see you have a new wallet product launched. Will it support CET?

Q: What do you think of the connection between the uprising of ATOM and other public chains and their community as well as technology? Is there anything CET could learn from?

Q: Long-term CET holders felt a little hurt because CoinEx doesn’t have enough liquidity and trading volume. And it’s not good to attract new users as well.

Q: Why did coinex stop the dividend given to CET holders?

Q: When will we see more pair with CET?


Q: Will you consider to introduce more fiat options on OTC?

Q: What are the fees of contract trading?

Q: Hi, Haipo. After exchanging VIAT with CET, will it influence the price of CET?

Q: What’s the expected time to repurchase VIAT?

Q: When it comes to perpetual contract trading, stability is one of the most important factors for everyone, especially under the high fluctuation of price. How would you avoid network error or overloading problem when there are tons of requests at the same time?

Q: Will Margin trading be released?

Q: Apart from public chain, contract, margin trading, is there any new features or directions that differ you from other platforms? This is rather essential for a small exchange or else new users wouldn’t come over.




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