An Open Letter to the CoinEx Community from CEO Haipo Yang

2 min readOct 27, 2023

Dear CoinEx community,

The recent attack is the biggest challenge we’ve faced since starting CoinEx. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused. But my commitment to you all remains as strong as ever. Thank you for everyone’s continued support during this difficult time.

Our team’s agile and dedicated response to implement security measures and rebuild our security infrastructure in a time of adversity speaks volumes about their capabilities. I could not be more grateful for their round-the-clock efforts to strengthen CoinEx and maintain user trust.

At this stage, our priorities are as follows:

  1. Comprehensive upgrades to our security architecture, further enhancing the security capabilities of hot and cold wallets and early warning systems.
  2. Strengthened team management, we put asset security as the central mission across all CoinEx business lines.
  3. Reinforced strategic partnerships by collaborating with industry-leading security companies.
  4. We set up CoinEx Shield Fund to further secure user assets.

We have always been committed to the ethos of “users first” — this driving principle leads us to prioritize users first, be it building products or providing services. Moving forward, we will continue to elevate user experience.

Internally, we persist in upgrading system architecture and product services, constructing compliance teams, and proactively embracing compliance to ensure CoinEx’s business growth rests on an increasingly stable foundation.

We decided to elevate the CoinEx brand to the next level by further strengthening our in-house teams. The activation of the ‘CoinEx Creator Program’ later on will bring us together with more like-minded influencers and roll out a vast range of campaigns to engage our users and beyond.

2023 has been a challenging year for the crypto industry — increasing regulation, market crashes, and shutdowns. Few survive the endless crypto winters.

In our 6 years, CoinEx has weathered storms side-by-side with you. Our progress wasn’t always smooth but we persisted. Your support is what fuels our commitment to stable, sustainable growth.

Users come first. With you, we will grow further.

Entrepreneurship is tough; perseverance, tougher. CoinEx has weathered peaks and valleys, thanks to our users’ enduring support.

I’m thankful to everyone who has believed in us. I vow to keep user experience at our core — driving innovation and security to safeguard your assets 100%, and shape a better crypto future.

I am confident in the industry’s future and stand ready to confront all challenges ahead. I believe adversity breeds strength and CoinEx will only grow stronger having conquered this challenge.

With renewed resilience, we will press forward. The horizon holds radiant promise — our finest hour is yet to come!


Haipo Yang