Andrew Tate’s DADDY Token Skyrockets 200% in One Day, Surpassing MOTHER Token’s Market Cap

3 min readJun 18, 2024


Introduction of DADDY token

A new token has been launched to rival the MOTHER token, which has garnered attention from all crypto investors in the past few weeks. This new token surpassed the MOTHER token just a few days after its launch by reaching a market capitalization of $300 million and increasing by 200% in just one day.

Launched by the social media celebrity Andrew Tate, the Daddy token is gaining traction and it’s been seen as a direct competitor to Iggy Azalea’s MOTHER token, which was regarded as the most successful celebrity launch.

Daddy token is a Solana-based token that is being backed by the former pro kickboxer and controversial online figure Andrew Tate, who started promoting this token on June 11. This token started gaining traction on Wednesday, June 12, by surging 143% and reaching a new all-time high with a market capitalization of $280 million, thereby surpassing MOTHER token, which has the highest market capitalization of around $200 million.

Brief history of DADDY token

The DADDY token was launched on June 9 and Andrew Tate started referencing the token on Tuesday, June 11, where he claimed to have chosen DADDY as a direct rival to Iggy Azalea’s MOTHER token in an attempt to, as he described it, “flip it for the patriarchy.”

Tate positions the DADDY token as a cultural revolution, aiming to demonstrate masculinity’s enduring power and reach a $1 billion market capitalization.

On Wednesday, when the token surged 143%, Tate posted on X saying, “If you want to be part of a movement and drive a coin to a billion-dollar valuation, showing the world that DADDY, men and masculinity are here to stay, then you want $DADDY”.

Tate wants to see DADDY triumph over MOTHER’s meme coin as a demonstration of masculine strength.

Tate indicated before endorsing DADDY that he had no tokens but was aware of hundreds of meme coins associated with his likeness, which he hasn’t endorsed, like the Daddy token.

Andrew Tate also stated that he would publicly burn his token when it reached a market capitalization where his 40% interest was worth $100 million. His motives are to demonstrate his trustworthiness in the cryptocurrency community. However, he also wants to prove that he is not interested in profits. He’s rendering it because it’s “funny” and offers a unique experience.

The price rise of the DADDY in CoinEx

Daddy token was listed on CoinEx on June 9 and it has been on the rise since then, hitting $300 million in market capitalization with a daily market volume of $1.2 million. This token currently ranks 198 in market popularity. The token’s lowest price is 0.1914 and the highest price is 0.8750, which is over 450% higher since its launch.

How to buy DADDY token

To buy DADDY token, log in or register on CoinEx; go to the DADDY trading page at to get started.


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