Apply for A CoinEx Ambassador to Enjoy Various Privileges! You Are the Ecological Partner CoinEx Wants!

In order to advance the pace of global expansion, promote its global business, and build itself into a world-leading digital currency trading platform, CoinEx launched an Ambassador Recruitment Program on March 10, 2020. Upon the release, this program has been well-received among encryption communities, and has recruited 300+ CoinEx Ambassadors from 3,000+ applications around the world.

As a global partner of CoinEx, a CoinEx Ambassador should be deeply involved in the exchange’s marketing operations and make joint efforts to create a global business ecosystem. CoinEx Ambassador Program aims to recruit to the CoinEx Ambassador team big fans of the blockchain or cryptocurrency who are willing to participate in the development, branding building and promotion of CoinEx!

Outstanding CoinEx Ambassadors

Assisted by Ambassadors, CoinEx has quickly established overseas media communication platforms and communities in multiple languages, thus greatly expanding its presence in overseas markets as evidenced by a staggering 300% increase in its user base abroad. CoinEx Ambassador Program has made CoinEx known by users in more overseas regions, and moreover, further enhanced user trust, brand awareness and its influence.

CoinEx Ambassador Program even comes as a new job opportunity for numerous blockchain enthusiasts who have suffered severe employment crisis or even lost their job due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and offers them a source of income in today’s volatile world. One of CoinEx Ambassadors named Dell said, “my job has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m very grateful that CoinEx has provided us with the possibility of working online so that I can give play to my expertise and also earn some income to survive this pandemic.”

In order to help CoinEx Ambassadors improve their promotion capabilities and earn more income and to get more users involved in CoinEx Ambassador Program, CoinEx upgraded the Ambassador Program on January 4, 2021 by integrating the original four types of Ambassadors into one — CoinEx Ambassador and increasing the commissions across the board. If the monthly cumulative trading volume of users referred by an Ambassador reaches $500,000 or more, the Ambassador can enjoy up to 50% of transaction fees from spot trading and perpetual trading. The commissions will be settled in USDT. Besides, by completing the corresponding marketing tasks, Ambassadors can also get a fixed monthly salary of $200-$500.

In June 2021, CoinEx updated the rules for Ambassador Agents. CoinEx Ambassador Agents are agents whose main duty is to help CoinEx recruit ambassadors.

CoinEx Ambassadors can enjoy various privileges such as a referral commission of up to 50% of transaction fees generated by their referred users and monthly pay!

A CoinEx Ambassador can enjoy various privileges officially provided by CoinEx, mainly as follows:

1. Referral commission

The CoinEx Ambassadors can enjoy up to 50% of transaction fees generated by their referred users as a referral commission, which will be settled in USDT. The commission is always effective during their tenure.

2. Monthly pay

After you pass our selecting and complete the corresponding marketing tasks, you can get a fixed monthly salary of $200-$500 (which should be applied separately). The salary will be distributed according to the completion of tasks and the influence of the completed tasks. There are some example tasks as follows:

3. Others

(1) Exclusive Benefits

Honor certificates/custom gifts

(2) Official Support

Quality content created by CoinEx Ambassadors will be supported by CoinEx’s official and external channels;

(3) VIP Treatment

Online event whitelist/offline event VIP seat/regular business training;

(4) Early-bird Access

Have preferential right to experience the internal testing of CoinEx products and participate in the marketing operations

After completing KYC certification on CoinEx, you can apply for CoinEx Ambassador with conditions met

After completing KYC certification on CoinEx, you can apply for CoinEx Ambassador with any one of the following conditions met.

Requirement 1: With one or more Telegram groups independently built and operated, which can provide promotional support for CoinEx.

Requirement 2: With personally operated social media accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit.

Requirement 3: With experience and resources related to offline events, such as meetups and fans clubs.

Requirement 4: With experience in promoting cryptocurrency exchanges, either online or offline.

Requirement 5: With the long-term ownership of a venue for events in the local area, which can be used for CoinEx offline events.

Supporters of CoinEx’s philosophy, contributors to CoinEx and CoinEx Chain in the past, blockchain veterans, and big CET holders are preferred.

CoinEx will officially provide new Ambassadors with professional training and more promotion strategies and skills. By guiding new users to register on CoinEx as prospect trading users through the invitation link, Ambassadors can enjoy commissions from the transaction fees generated by the users. In addition, Ambassadors can also receive income from the referred users’ transactions by encouraging or helping registered users to trade digital assets on CoinEx. In one word, the more the referred users trade, the more income Ambassadors will earn. At the same time, Ambassadors can directly share the community promotion articles prepared by CoinEx with prospect users, an effective measure to liven up the users and gain more commissions.

How to Apply

1. Register on CoinEx and complete KYC certification;

2. Find [Ambassadors] at the bottom of the homepage of the official website, and click [Apply for CoinEx Ambassador];

3. Fill in the information required. CoinEx will complete the review within 7 working days, and will send you an email as the official confirmation of approval;

4. Follow the official confirmation email to complete the entry process and become a CoinEx Ambassador.

After passing the review, you can become a CoinEx Ambassador to share the benefits from the development of CoinEx. You are welcomed to join us as an ecological partner and explore and grow in the encryption world with us!



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