CoinEx | 7-day APY of Over 60%: A CET Mining Event with Incredible Returns

4 min readMar 3, 2022


In the latest marketing effort of CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), project teams on the public chain launched a merged mining event together with OneSwap. The campaign captured the spotlight soon after OneSwap released the Twitter announcement. The previous liquidity mining events on OneSwap offered high returns, and participants only had to make two moves (at the beginning and end of the event). With easy profits, these investment events are more beginner-friendly.

Kicked off on February 25, the latest event was launched on the OneSwap website and includes the merged mining of seven trading pairs at the same time, covering a large number of cryptos. In particular, the 7-day APY of the best-performing trading pair has exceeded 1,000%, and returns of other trading pairs are also way higher than that of the average financial product.

During the campaign, there are five trading pairs that cover CET, including ONES/CET, CET/USDT, MUT/CET, iCET/CET, and IFT/CET. Unlike previous events, the merged mining event offers more kinds of token rewards in each pool. With the same amount of assets, you can now earn up to four types of token rewards, which is more exciting than regular liquidity mining.

In this event, CET holders prefer ONES/CET and CET/USDT. It seems that loyal CET holders are more interested in trading pairs that yield CET. The 7-day APY of the two trading pairs has stayed above 60% since the event started. In addition, the pairs offer four different kinds of token rewards, which are definitely worth a try.

The following is a mining tutorial of the event. Be sure to check it out if you want to earn easy profits.

Step 1: Select the right public chain. Please be sure to choose CET on the OneSwap website because the event is held on CSC; you would not find the event if the wrong chain is selected.

Step 2: Select your wallet. Before participating in liquidity mining, you must first connect to a wallet. For instance, if you use ViaWallet, you’ll need to select WalletConnect and then scan the QR code in the ViaWallet App, which is extremely convenient. Of course, the event also supports OneSwap Wallet or MetaMask.

Step 3: Swap your cryptos. Once you connected to a wallet, you’ll also need to swap the cryptos. For instance, in the liquidity mining of CET/USDT, assuming that your wallet only contains CET, you can first swap part of your CET holding into USDT through the Swap function on OneSwap. When swapping, you should be careful with the potential slippage problem. On OneSwap, the slippage tolerance can be set at the bottom of the page (1%-5% recommended).

Participants holding both CET and USDT can skip Step 3 and go to Step 4 directly

Step 4: Start mining. After swapping, you can then participate in the merged mining event. On the mining page, find the CET/USDT trading pair and click on “Join” to add liquidity to the pool. Next, enter the amount of CET and USDT to be added, and click on “Add”. If this is your first time participating in the event, you’ll also need to “Authorize”.

The notice “Add liquidity for CET/USDT successfully” indicates that you are now a participant in the event. Of course, you can also add liquidity for other trading pairs and participate in multiple pools at the same time through the above steps.

As a participant, you can check your Mining Earnings (automatically settled every hour) on the “Mining” page of the OneSwap website. Plus, the page also shows the Est. Value of Total Earnings (as shown in the picture below), which allows you to add/remove the liquidity provided for the pools based on your own needs. It should be noted that no other operation is required during the entire mining process, and you can simply wait for passive earnings. With short settlement cycles and flexible withdrawals, the event is suitable for most crypto users.

Join the event here: