CoinEx Academy | An Undervalued New Public Chain: How NEAR Defied the Gloomy Market and Reached New Highs

Aurora: an EVM-compatible chain on NEAR that lowers migration costs for developers

Aurora, an EVM-compatible blockchain launched by NEAR, is an EVM built by the NEAR team that offers the Layer 2 experience to users and developers. Relying on NEAR Sharding (a scalable technology), Aurora features a throughput that’s 10 times higher than Ethereum Mainnet, thus allowing users to benefit from the lower transaction fees.

Rainbow Bridge: A trustless, efficient cross-chain bridge on NEAR

With the NEAR-built Rainbow Bridge, you can transfer tokens between Ethereum, NEAR, and Aurora at any time. Although transferring tokens from NEAR/Aurora to Ethereum through Rainbow Bridge may take up to 12 hours, it is much more efficient than Layer 2 projects like Arbitrum and Optimism that make you wait for up to seven days.

Octopus Network: An application chain driving the growth of the NEAR ecosystem

Through Octopus Network, an appchain solution on NEAR. Through Octopus Network, developers can create their appchains on NEAR with high efficiency and low costs. This allows them to quickly build NEAR-powered applications that are somewhat less secure.



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