CoinEx Charity Book Donation Worldwide: 10,000 Books Donated Across 11 Countries

CoinEx Charity in Venezuela

Empower education for children via reading

Affected by military conflicts, children in Syria have long been suffering from the lack of learning resources; schools running in remote areas in Venezuela face challenging conditions; in Brazil, projeto ajudador, a relief organization, has taken in over 100 homeless children. Meanwhile, orphanages in many countries need funding.

CoinEx Charity in Brazil
CoinEx Charity in Nigeria

A charitable journey driven by love

Since its inception, CoinEx Charity introduced the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund to pursue its mission: Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place. Over the months, the organization has hosted many charitable events worldwide, covering poverty alleviation and education-themed donations. Through this global campaign, CoinEx Charity donated various learning materials to schools in 11 countries and built new reading corners for them to contribute to the progress of global education and help children improve their life prospects.

CoinEx Charity in India



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