CoinEx Charity Launches $10 Million Charity Fund to Improve Global Public Welfare

Borderless Charity: Love Never Ends

Focusing on humanistic care, CoinEx Charity has launched charitable events all over the world starting from 2021. The organization provided living supplies and medical aids for people in poverty-stricken areas and helped kids in different countries gain equal access to education. When disasters hit, it offered immediate emergency aids to the affected areas. CoinEx Charity set an example in promoting global charity and expanded its influence on public welfare.

CoinEx Charity in Belarus
CoinEx Charity in Nigeria
CoinEx Charity in the Philippines
CoinEx Charity in Iran

Public Welfare Motivated by Love

Charity is more than donations. Going from donation to empowerment, charity is about long-term support. At CoinEx Charity, charitable efforts are progressive. The organization engages in volunteer teaching programs, medical donations, and disaster relief around the world on an ongoing basis.



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