CoinEx Continues to Expand its Global Influence on Its 4th Anniversary

CoinEx will celebrate its 4th anniversary on December 24. As it pursues its unique business philosophy and focuses on technology, this famous well-established crypto player has built an extensive product range and evolved into a secure, trustworthy global exchange enabling convenient trades. To date, CoinEx has offered safe, reliable crypto trade services for users in over 100 countries and regions.

Over the past four years, CoinEx has attracted over 3 million registered users while improving its product family. It has achieved a brilliant track record as evidenced by the fast-growing trading statistics and diversified products. Relying on solid progress and unflagging exploration, this global crypto trade platform has eventually blazed a unique trail of fast growth.

During the last four years, CoinEx has witnessed the Bitcoin halving and the crazy crypto bull. Having stood the test of the market, it has experienced countless black swans and fierce competition. While its peers suffer from PR scandals due to frequent plunges, CoinEx has demonstrated solid technical capacity with a record of zero security breaches and developed an improved system of trade security and risk control via continuous efforts.

Driven by a secure ecosystem and enabling trading environment, CoinEx offers the ultimate products and services

In the crypto sector, the core task of exchanges has always been to keep users’ assets safe. Despite this, many well-known exchanges have suffered frequent security breaches such as hacking. CoinEx has remained committed to its original goal of enhanced asset security since day one. Over recent years, it has kept a rare record of zero security breaches while growing at a fast pace. This also proves that CoinEx is not just one of the lucky few but also a strong player focusing on product development.

Apart from a secure ecosystem, CoinEx also strives to build the ultimate trading environment.

During its growth, CoinEx has kept introducing new products to build a diversified product family, which has expanded from spot trading alone in the early days to margin trading, perpetual contract, mining, and financial service, allowing it to offer all-encompassing crypto trade services. Accounting for user feedback, CoinEx has upgraded its visual experience and product guide to provide ease of use and a simple UI for users and create the ultimate trading environment. In short, with a focus on both hard and soft power, the exchange will keep improving its products and trading environment while exploring the future growth of crypto exchange from different aspects.

CoinEx stays committed to value while growing with users

CoinEx’s fourth-anniversary event builds a bridge between the platform and users and puts the exchange on a blockchain adventure together with users. For crypto enthusiasts, the event is also an opportunity to contribute to crypto development together with CoinEx and explore the infinite possibilities of the crypto space.

As its application ecosystem and product range continue to expand, CoinEx has built a diversified crypto ecosystem that incorporates multiple products. While celebrating its 4th anniversary, CoinEx will keep pursuing innovation and strive for further growth in the crypto industry through solid progress.



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