CoinEx Creates the Crypto Blue Ocean, While Offering Benefits Through Trade-Driven Mining

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To better engage with users in terms of trading, CoinEx focused on trending segments like NFT and GameFi and introduced five trade-driven mining programs, offering stable mining rewards. As the exchange’s signature event, the trade-driven mining programs have attracted a large number of existing users and newcomers, who have been actively involved in these programs.

The 5th Perpetual Carnival Trade-driven Mining, which ended recently, recorded exciting results in terms of both user participation and trading volume. Thanks to the “profit-making effect” of the previous four perpetual carnivals, many CoinEx users have been intrigued by the incredible rewards. As a result, the 5th Perpetual Carnival has become more popular than ever. Other than CoinEx, many top crypto exchanges have also dabbled with trade-driven mining. That said, why are CoinEx’s trade-driven mining programs more popular than similar programs?

The innovation of value: How CoinEx’s trade-driven mining programs stood out among CEXs

Although the FCoin eventually failed due to many reasons, the trade-driven mining it promoted linked the interests of traders, project teams, and investors for the first time, which marks a major innovation for token incentives. Compared to FCoin’s trade-driven mining, which lacked stability, CoinEx upgraded and revolutionized this approach from multiple dimensions, covering the mechanism as well as the incentive. Focusing on value incentives, the exchange has built a sound, sustainable system of trade-driven mining.

In terms of the program mechanism, CoinEx distributed the daily rewards according to the effective trading volume of users, which ensured that all rewards are given to authentic users with real demands. During the current Perpetual Carnival, users with valid KYC could get mining rewards (distributed daily) once they sign up for the program and trade in any perpetual market on CoinEx.

As for the incentive mechanism, CoinEx will set up a reward pool of 50,000 USDT for this round of Perpetual Carnival, during which a daily reward of 5,000 USDT will be distributed for 10 days. Through cyclical operations, CoinEx will ensure that the dividends from trade-driven mining are more stable over the long run, allowing users to receive lasting mining revenue. The stable mechanism and the lasting dividends are the primary reason behind the market excitement for CoinEx’s trade-driven mining programs.

CoinEx creates a crypto blue ocean via the Perpetual Carnival

At the same time, the active participation from a growing number of users has brought greater trade depth and improved liquidity to CoinEx’s trading environment, which, in turn, attracts more users to trade on the exchange and shapes a virtuous cycle at last. This also means that CoinEx has created a crypto blue ocean and unlocked the full potential of trade-driven mining.



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