CoinEx Establishes CoinEx Charity to Make the World a Better Place via Charity

4 min readMay 8, 2023


Bitcoin was first conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, which started a crypto revolution that could change the world’s monetary system. In this transformation, crypto exchanges have been rapidly evolving. As a co-initiator of the Web3 trend, CoinEx has remained committed to making crypto trading easier. Over the years, this secure, trustworthy trading platform has been providing crypto investment and trading services for global users.

As an innovator in the crypto era, CoinEx strives to fulfill its mission: “Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place.” As it responds to social concerns and rebuilds its brand culture through humanitarian pursuits, the exchange has founded CoinEx Charity, a non-profit organization, and set up the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund. By dedicating itself to public welfare, CoinEx Charity promotes universal brand values and brings warmth and love to the world.

Charity for the World, Nurturing Dreams

In Q1 2023, many countries and regions around the world have been hit by various natural disasters, such as floods in Zambia in January, severe earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria in February, and floods in South Africa, Somalia, and Brazil in March. The series of extreme weather events will bring new crises to different parts of the world, including the food crisis and education crisis. In February 2022, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that a staggering 78 million girls and boys around the world today “don’t go to school at all” because of conflict, climate disasters, and displacement. According to the World Food Program’s prediction this April, over 345 million people worldwide will face a food crisis this year.

Without the support of charity, the global food and education crises will keep worsening. As a result, more children will face hunger, lack of access to education, and even life-threatening events. Charitable initiatives can provide support for areas affected by various crises, allowing more young kids to receive quality education and spiritual support, and saving more people from hunger and famine. This is what CoinEx Charity is doing: passing on love and warmth through charity, and maintaining world peace and stability via concerted efforts.

Disaster relief donations by CoinEx Charity in Iran

Advancing with Warmth: A Focus on Public Welfare

Since its inception last year, CoinEx Charity has focused on humanitarian response, education, and disaster relief. During its visits to many parts of the world, the organization faced challenges together with disadvantaged groups, learned about their daily needs, and made active efforts to address the difficulties that they struggled with every day.

First of all, in terms of humanitarian response, CoinEx Charity has sent ample food and living supplies to regions hit by famine around the world. During holidays such as the New Year, Eid al-Adha, and Easter, the organization visited remote villages in Brazil, Iran, Syria, Türkiye, and Indonesia to send out supplies packages. CoinEx Charity brought holiday blessings and gifts to thousands of impoverished residents, improving their living conditions and alleviating the food crisis.

Secondly, regarding charity in education, CoinEx Charity has noted that many underdeveloped areas suffer from a lack of educational resources, and poverty has kept many kids out of school. The gap in education between different regions is widening. In May 2022, CoinEx Charity launched a long-term educational charity program to help poor children access quality education through donations of books, school supplies, and tuition fees. During the year since the program was first introduced, CoinEx Charity has visited over 20 schools in 14 regions around the world. Moreover, the organization has established 12 charitable libraries and provided funding support for more than 10,000 students. Through such charitable contributions, more and more children can now study and grow up in a better environment. This May, CoinEx Charity will kick off a new round of charitable scholarships to help more kids continue their education and nurture their dreams. We are convinced that charity can make the world a better place.

In the face of natural disasters, CoinEx Charity has spared no effort, fearlessly rushing to the front lines of disaster-stricken areas. The team saw cities devastated by heavy rainfall and floods, as well as villages destroyed by earthquakes and typhoons. Though our efforts may seem limited, we have never backed down in the face of disasters. Through charitable events such as the donation of supplies and funds, CoinEx Charity has provided immediate support for multiple disaster-stricken areas that include the Philippines, Bangladesh, Iran, and Brazil. In an effort to rebuild the affected areas, the organization brought food, medical supplies, and thermal clothing to the survivors.

As a pioneer in crypto charity, CoinEx Charity has transcended the limitations of traditional donations through the unique characteristics of crypto, while promoting the rapid growth of crypto donations. With the help of crypto, charitable events can be conveniently and quickly implemented worldwide, providing prompt support for those in need. Focusing on global charity, CoinEx Charity puts its mission and social roles at the heart of its brand culture, which demonstrates the emerging brand’s commitment to social responsibilities, and facilitates the sustainable development of global charity.