CoinEx Financial Account: Catering to Users’ Wealth Management Needs and Creating Practical Value for Them

The market is an invisible hand, allocating resources all the time. Keeping up with the pace of the market can swell up your wealth. Otherwise, inflation will eat into your wealth. With the continuous development of the cryptocurrency market and the maturity of investors, risk-averse investors undoubtedly have a preference for wealth management products with a solid return in the crypto industry. This also indicates that cryptoasset-based wealth management offers the best way for investors to get a solid return. The wealth management products of CoinEx are one of the top picks for users who tend to avoid relatively higher-risk investments.

What investors earn are cryptocurrencies whose price fluctuates continuously, and the interest on the wealth management products will be reinvested. When the market is bearish, getting additional cryptocurrencies can offset the loss from the price drop to a degree; and in a boom and bust cycle, getting additional cryptocurrencies allows investors to benefit from the price hike and receive the even greater reward from the increases in both the crypto price and volume.

CoinEx has rolled out Financial Account, a cryptoasset management service. 70% of the interest income from borrowed coins of margin trading on CoinEx will be allocated to users against the ratio of the holdings in their financial accounts. In other words, after transferring idle assets to their financial accounts, users will receive revenues yielded by their financial accounts that feature daily compound interest and no limit on the minimum deposit.

CoinEx Financial Account serves as a sustainable source of value for crypto holders. Users can lend their crypto assets, and deposit or withdraw the principal anytime to earn interest. Without engaging in any link of crypto trading, they can earn crypto assets as well.

Currently, seven crypto assets are supported, i.e. ADA, BCH, DOGE, EOS, LTC, TRX, and XRP. In the future, adjustments will be made to the supported coins in the financial account based on the market demand to diversify the service.

Recent years have witnessed an endless flow of new services and products in the crypto market. But the key to success is whether they can seize the fundamental demand of users. CoinEx’s wealth management service aims at creating sustainable value for users and stable investment returns, and it satisfies crypto users’ basic demand for low risks, stable profits, and asset growth.

The coins newly added by CoinEx cater to users with different risk appetites while safeguarding their crypto assets. Radical investors can entrust their crypto assets to CoinEx to earn short-term income, while users who prefer to keep holding crypto-assets can also enjoy the interest in the same way without trading.

At present, the field of digital asset financial management is not yet saturated, and more and more users are pouring into the digital asset investment market. CoinEx wealth management services rely on the advantages of safety, reliability, and stable income to effectively reduce the difficulty of operation for investors. Therefore, CoinEx wealth management services will become the first choice for a large number of new user groups and stable investors to participate in digital asset investment and financial management, helping global digital asset investment Users obtain stable investment income and continue to create value for CoinEx global community users.

Users’ recognition is the only criterion for measuring the quality of a new product. Only those that precisely satisfy crypto users’ demand for wealth management and create concrete value for users can be a long-term favorite in the market.

Compared with its counterparts on other platforms, CoinEx Financial Account has the following features:

An easy way to deposit coins and earn interest

After transferring idle assets to their financial accounts, users will receive revenues yielded by their financial accounts every day. The interest will be calculated on the second day of transfer instead of the first day, and on the third day, the financial account will receive the yield calculated at a compound rate.

Daily compound interest settled on a daily basis

The compound interest on assets will be automatically credited to users’ financial accounts every day and will generate interest the next day.

Yesterday Income (YI): The interest income of the corresponding coin that is generated on the last day. YI = 70% of last-day interest income from borrowed coins of margin trading * (the last-day interest-bearing coins of the user’s financial account / the total last-day interest-bearing coins of all the financial accounts)

Deposit and withdrawals anytime without a threshold

Usually, the transfers of assets are processed in real-time, with no limit on the minimum deposit or the number of times of deposits and withdrawals. Just deposit and withdraw coins at any time you want!

For a long time, wealth management has been a hot and trending topic; and digital asset-based wealth management offered by exchanges is nothing new. The development of the digital era has seen the extension of the “wealth management” concept to more age groups. So, how does CoinEx protect the safety of users’ funds and guarantee the return on their assets?

As a veteran digital asset exchange, CoinEx has long been committed to creating stable and safe financial products in the path of corporate development since its launch. After years of hard work, it has not only been recognized by its partners with its strong technology and innovation capability but also gained a large number of loyal users.

With an innovative model, CoinEx Financial Account not only offers users more choices for their investments but is also taken as an example in the industry. Since CoinEx launched the Financial Account, many platforms have followed in their footsteps, and made debut their wealth management products, further diversifying and prospering the cryptocurrency wealth management market. To date, CoinEx has brought the scale and user base of its Financial Account to the lead of the industry, thanks to the combined effects of first-mover advantage, strict risk control, and data transparency.

In addition to creating handsome returns, the wealth management products of CoinEx are also characterized by stability.

The innovative wealth management products of CoinEx boast great intelligence and technological prowess. By bringing stable returns, they speak for the security and transparency of CoinEx and win trust from users. CoinEx Financial Account provides many users and partner institutions with a rich portfolio of multi-currency products, like deposit, loan, and remittance, and is well poised to give people pursuing stable investment the best investment channel.

Based on cryptocurrency trading, CoinEx offers a new generation of wealth management products that draw on the strengths of both traditional and innovative wealth management products. This makes the exchange a pacesetter in introducing a novel form of wealth management products. With reference to positive feedback from users and following an analysis of competing products in the industry, CoinEx Wealth Management conducts a comprehensive understanding of users’ transactions based on their transaction data, as well as their performance data on the platform, so that each user can discover a suitable wealth management solution at CoinEx.

In fact, CoinEx aims to build itself into a one-stop service platform for crypto finance that serves the needs of users to the best of its ability. CoinEx Wealth Management emerges to further improve CoinEx’s services. So far, CoinEx has officially become able to render all the three basic services in the financial market, namely deposit, loan, and remittance. CoinEx has followed a different development path in the field of wealth management. Through years of practice and innovation, and with a diverse set of unique wealth management products, CoinEx has put in place a stable and secure trading platform in a truly open and transparent, safe and reliable manner.

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