CoinEx | Gaining Momentum, the Market Maker Program Explores the Crypto Treasure House

Market makers are particularly important in centralized exchanges. Due to the information asymmetry in the traditional crypto market, there is no effective communication between buyers and sellers. The asymmetry of information is particularly cumbersome when it comes to trading long-tail assets. Furthermore, trades between users alone cannot provide sufficient liquidity or trade depth for the market. From the perspective of users, the trading experience depends on the trade depth and liquidity of the crypto exchange. On an exchange without enough trade depth and liquidity, besides the terrible trading experience, users will also suffer from risks such as potential losses.

Therefore, all crypto exchanges now face the challenge of improving the market-making approach. To better meet user demands and offer users first-class trading experiences, CoinEx has launched the market maker program.

All set to go, the CoinEx Market Maker Program pools extensive advantages to expand the crypto moat

As a professional, global crypto exchange, CoinEx now supports 16 languages. The exchange strives to provide first-rate crypto trade services for users across the globe. In terms of market makers, it has launched the CoinEx Market Maker Program, which has enabled great capital efficiency and flexibility.

In a nutshell, the CoinEx Market Maker Program has pooled many advantages:

1) Boost capital efficiency and offer considerable trade depth
Compared with its peers, CoinEx has brought together outstanding market makers in the crypto community with the lowest fees in the market. On CoinEx, individuals and institutions have joined hands in building a trading environment backed by high liquidity and excellent trade depth. On the one hand, users’ trading experience has been improved. On the other hand, capital efficiency has been greatly enhanced, which enabled a positive cycle of crypto assets.

2) Improve user benefits and lower the friction cost with dynamic market maker fees
The CoinEx market maker discounts are divided into different levels depending on the trading volumes of makers in the last 30 days. Makers at different levels enjoy varying discounts. Furthermore, new makers can enjoy the highest discounts for one month, without any assessment.

Spot Market Making Level & Fee Discounts
Perpetual Market Making Level & Fee Discounts

Through dynamic adjustments, CoinEx not only meets the big funding demands of the crypto whales but also, to an extent, lowers the friction cost incurred by trades between users, which offers them steady returns.

3) With maker rewards, CoinEx offers users extra benefits
At a time when many exchanges are maximizing the profit and minimizing the costs, some exchanges no longer offer rewards for spot makers. Unlike its peers, CoinEx has continued to provide an enabling trade environment to help users stick through the bear market and embrace the bull market. The exchange has established the reward levels for spot makers: Makers at different levels enjoy different commission rates, with rewards of up to 0.02% of the maker volume.

4) Adopting multiple measures, CoinEx achieves “self-evolution” and explores the crypto treasure house
As CoinEx launches the Market Maker Program, through multiple measures like maker rewards and dynamic maker discounts, the exchanges will gather more outstanding makers, expand its business moat, and ensure sound trading experiences, while enabling the “self-evolution” of CoinEx.

The innovative approach envisioned by CoinEx will also further improve the quality of the crypto market and help explore potential treasure houses. By joining hands with the crypto whales and the top users, the exchanges will build an enabling crypto environment and offer “fairer prices, more stable markets, lower costs, and more convenient exchanges”.



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