CoinEx Guide | How to Participate in Liquidity Mining on CSC?

4 min readJul 22, 2021

OneSwap is a fully decentralized transaction protocol based on smart contracts. It does not require permission to list tokens, supports automated market-making (AMM) and the order book, and improves user interaction through the built-in OneSwap Wallet that provides a one-stop transaction experience.

Currently, OneSwap supports four public chains: Ethereum (ETH), Tron Chain (TRX), Binance Smart Chain (BNB), and CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC). Users can switch between the public chains as needed. OneSwap has launched liquidity mining on CSC, and the event lasts from 0:00 July 21 to 0:00 July 31 (UTC), during which period, all participants can mine ONES!

ONES (OneSwap DAO Token) is a CRC20 governance token issued by OneSwap. The amount of CRC20 tokens issued on CSC corresponds to the number of tokens staked on Ethereum (lock-up address).

According to the OneSwap whitepaper, 60% of the transaction fees obtained through exchange and transactions in the system go directly to liquidity providers, and the remaining 40% is used to repurchase and burn ONES. The ONES are automatically repurchased and burned through the BuyBack.

The first liquidity mining on CSC has kicked off. How to participate? Take the steps below.

OneSwap now supports OneSwap Wallet, MetaMask, and ViaWallet on CSC. Here we take ViaWallet as an example for illustration.

I. Create a wallet and connect it to OneSwap

1. Connect to WalletConnect on OneSwap

Visit through a browser, click [Connect to wallet] in the upper right corner, and select WalletConnect.

Then scan the generated QR code with ViaWallet, confirm the “request content” and click [Allow] to successfully connect to OneSwap.

Click [Receive] to transfer tokens to the wallet on the My Assets page.

II. Start liquidity mining

  1. Add liquidity in the effective capital pools
    Click [Mining] in the navigation bar on the homepage, and click [Join] in the “Liquidity Mining” section of the corresponding trading pair. You can also click “Add Liquidity” on the “Pool” page to add tokens accurately;

Enter [Amount] for each token and confirm the price details. Then click [Add];

2.Authorize the token on the connected wallet

After selecting a reasonable “Gas Fee” on the authorization page, click [Authorize], confirm the authorization content at the connected wallet, and click [Confirm].

(Tip: Authorization is required when adding liquidity to a certain trading pair for the first time. OneSwap will adjust Gas Fee based on the congestion situation, and it is suggested to choose the “Recommended” option.)

The authorized transaction can be found by searching the address on CSC explorer, and the transaction will be completed when the transaction status shows “Success”.

3.Complete adding liquidity

Double-check the transaction details such as “Trading Pair”, “Add Amount”, and “Contract Address”, set a reasonable Gas Fee, click [Confirm] to proceed. Then go to the connected wallet to reconfirm the details, and click [Confirm].

The authorized transaction can be found by searching the address on CSC explorer, and the transaction will be completed when the transaction status shows “Success”.

4.Check/withdraw mining earnings

After adding liquidity successfully, check [My Liquidity Mining] or [Withdraw] mining earnings on the [Mining] page.

Start your journey on CSC from OneSwap liquidity mining and get huge profits!