CoinEx | How to Buy $CET: The Most Comprehensive Tutorial!

4 min readJun 18, 2022


What are the ways to buy CET? Today, we will introduce the specific steps of how to buy CET on CoinEx, a CEX, and OneSwap, a DEX. In addition to buying CET with cryptos like USDT and BTC, you can also directly convert other cryptos into CET!

Method 1: Buy CET via spot trading on CoinEx

1. Firstly, we’ll need to visit the CoinEx website and log in to our account. Next, select [Exchange] in the navigation bar to enter the spot trading page.

2. Here, we buy CET with USDT (order type: Limit).

(1) Firstly, enter CET in the search bar and select [CET/USDT] to go to the CET/USDT trading market.

(2) Click on [Spot Trading], select [Limit] and [Always Valid] (default), enter the [Price] and [Amount], and click on [Buy CET] after confirmation to create an order (the order will be executed when the market price reaches the price we set).

Method 2. Buy CET through CoinEx Swap

1. Click on [Swap] on the homepage to enter the Swap webpage.

2. We can then select the target cryptos available in the drop-down lists on the Swap page. For instance, to swap USDT for CET, we should select USDT in the “From” drop-down list and CET in the “To” drop-down list.

3. Enter the amount of CET to be swapped, and the platform will automatically calculate the amount of USDT required. Finally, click on [Swap].

Method 3: Swap cryptos for CET on OneSwap

1. Log in to our OneSwap account, select [CET] in the public chain drop-down list, and connect to our wallet.

2. Select [Swap] in the navigation bar on the homepage or click the [Swap] button on the homepage to enter the swap webpage.

3. Select a token on the [Swap] page. Here, we select [From USDT To CET]. Then, we should enter the amount of CET to be swapped, and OneSwap will automatically calculate the amount of USDT required.

4. It should be noted that to avoid significant deviations due to the slippage, we could set a slippage tolerance figure below the swap bar and save it.

Pay trading fees with CET

After buying CET or swapping other cryptos for CET, users could then pay trading fees with CET on CoinEx through the following steps:

1. Go to the CoinEx website, click on [Account] at the upper right corner and then [Preferences Settings];

2. Slide the button to the right to activate [Use CET as Fees], and you will be able to use CET to pay trading fees for your next transaction.

In addition to the payment of trading fees on CoinEx, CET covers a wide range of other application scenarios, spanning repurchase & burning, DEX, and DApp, and more use cases will be introduced in the future.

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