CoinEx Institute | Liquid Staking Solutions Under a Multi-chain Ecosystem

1. Stader(Terra)

TVL: $804.42 million (about 839 million LUNA)

Source: Stader
Source: twitter @jack_xiong137

2. pSTAKE (Cosmos)

TVL: $52.01 million; The number of stakers: 5,107

3. StaFi (Polkadot, Cosmos)

TVL: $51.56 million

  1. rETH: the rToken for ETH 2.0 staking after it goes live.
  2. rTokens for Polkadot: rFIS, rDOT, rKSM and rTokens for other Substrate based projects.
  3. rToken for the Cosmos ecosystem: rATOM, rKAVA, etc.
  4. Others, such as rXTZ, rEOS, etc.

4. Marinade (Solana)

TVL: $644.27 million (approximately 733 million SOL)



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