CoinEx Institute | NYM, A Privacy-preserving Network Under Web 3.0

I. NYM = Mixnet + Access Mechanism + Blockchain, helping users hide in the network

Different from other public chains or network protocols, NYM focuses more on the bottom layer. It has built a complex Mixnet, allowing user information to be mixed and hidden.

II. NYX blockchain: Recording the circulation of NYM tokens and information that keep the Mixnet running

NYM is backed by a Cosmos-based blockchain called NYX that supports Cosmos smart contracts. The blockchain, maintained by Validators, broadcasts and publishes secure information, including:

  1. The public key and parameters of Mix Nodes accessing the network;
  2. The number and status of NYM tokens pledged by participants in the current network;
  3. The amount and status of user deposit in the NYM token pool;
  4. Other data that keep the network secure.



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