CoinEx Institution | Mycointainer: Stake Everything to Earn

4 min readFeb 18, 2022


According to Global Financial Index, about 1.2 billion adults remain unbanked as of 2021. Fortunately, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies remain on the frontier to resolve this problem. Such large number of new participants will greatly expand existing market. From Goldman Sachs Report, JPMorgan thinks the cryptocurrency staking sector is poised for growth.

From the report, two analysts explain how Ethereum’s planned move to Proof-of-Stake will increase adoption as institutions and retail investors take advantage of the high yields generated by staking. Ethereum is scheduled to complete “the merge” from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake after shipping its EIP-1559 update. Staking across all cryptocurrencies generates an estimated $9 billion annually. The report predicts that this figure could increase to $20 billion following Ethereum’s move to Proof-of-Stake. A final prediction in the report puts total staking rewards at $40 billion by 2025.

There is a big opportunity for the decentralized earning solutions market. Especially when Ethereum completes its transition from proof-of-work(PoW) to proof-of-stake(PoS) this year, the analysts expect payouts will more-than-double to $20 billion.

MyCointainer, The Automated Staking Ecosystem

MyCointainer is a Staking platform where a user can get passive income from more than 100 assets. Anyone can use MyCointainer to stake and earn rewards with self- control over their assets. MyCointainer node cannot access user’s funds. Furthermore, the platform does not take any portion of their stake rewards. Users can delegate their coins for as long as they want. The more they keep their assets delegated, the higher their rewards will be. Besides, the platform does not impose a lock-up period. So, users can earn staking rewards as nodes or validators for as long as they please. Last but not least, users can subscribe to Mycointainer Power, which will give you privileges such as 0% withdraw fee and monthly rewards, etc.

Mycointainer Rebrand — Stake Everything to Earn

Mycointainer will upgrade and rebrand itself to Earn Network, which will provide a more better customer experience. “Earn” would be related to all the aspects related to earning functions in all its products. After rebranding, the platform brings in 1) “ play to earn”, so that users can play various games and earn rewards. 2)“Community trading & Investing”, so that community leaders and traders are able to perform trades on behalf of other users. 3) “Rewarding life automated”, so that users can automatically purchase coins as well as automatically play simple games, etc.

The new version of the platform’s upgrading architecture offers a more efficient and safer environment for crypto investors everywhere. It aims to enhance user experience and facilitate successful staking. Just imaging that you can stake whatever you want to get rewards. It’s so excited!

We believe that staking will be the future of decentralized earnings. Thus, we see the great potential in Mycointainer and believe it will become one of the leaders of the decentralized earning solutions.

Where to Start

MyCointainer brings you a staking mechanism whereby you can run an automated staking and masternode operation and receive profits in return. While trying to educate the public on cryptocurrencies and blockchain advancements.

Video Tutorials

Curious individuals and new members can watch on MyCointainer’s Youtube channel for easy video guides. From the basics of the registration process, to activation of Two-Factor Authenticator, the channel makes every activity as simple as possible. On top of these, 60+ special videos on how to stake and earn rewards are found to be valuable for all users.

In-Built Exchange

As an integrated feature, MyCointainer contains its own exchange platform. Therefore, users are able to make exchanges and receive their desired coin out of all those hosted on MyCointainer. Designing an in-built exchange is an ideal way of ensuring users avoid going through the hassle of swapping coins from another exchange in order to stake with MyCointainer.

More Details on Rewards, Withdrawals, and Deposits

Earning on MyCointainer varies from the underlying math behind the masternode reward calculations and the particular coin being staked. However, the staking company’s percentage rates are based on specific aspects such as the number of blockchain blocks.

The good news is that some coins contain an inbuilt calculator that determines the approximate amount of rewards a user should receive. In the future, MyCointainer will eventually design a staking source data whereby users will have an easy time in determining the rewards from masternodes and which allotment is from the regular staking. MyCointainer will construct this feature by gathering and publishing the investor’s staking information.