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Gala Games

Gala Games aims to build a decentralized game network where it provides curatorial and maintenance services as an entity. This includes helping to integrate game studios into the Gala Network, updating the node software, etc. With Gala Games, games themselves are not deployed on the chain. Instead, only their assets will be launched on Gala Network. Moreover, players decide when to mint and launch such assets.


WEMIX is a platform for gaming DApps that provides users with wallets and a marketplace for digital assets (fungible tokens & non-fungible tokens). The platform aims to build a blockchain gaming ecosystem with users’ “experiential value” at the core.

  • Service chain: This is a side chain consisting of multiple chains that functions to provide services. Right now, it has launched Tornado Chain. The game token assets on the service chain include Tornado Token, Darksteel Reserve Allotment, and CQ Zuanshi.
  • Public chain: A blockchain for asset management, i.e. the WEMIX Chain.
  • Bridge chain: An intermediary blockchain that enables the transfer of assets between the service chain and the public chain.


MOBOX is a GameFi platform that combines DeFi and NFT to create a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn ecosystem. The development Mobox is divided into three stages: (1) Short-term: A blockchain version of Steam/Epic games; (2) Mid-term: A MOBOX DAO where players holding governance tokens will be able to participate in decision-making; (3) Long-term: A cross-platform metaverse.



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