CoinEx Institution | The Beginning of Everything: Projects in Their Infancy — An Analysis of Solana Launchpad

Launchpad — A funding channel developed through constant evolutions

It has been long since the last time we heard the term “ICO” (Initial Coin Offering), which used to be synonymous with crypto fundraising. As the most common funding channel for early crypto projects, ICO stands for the first issuance of a token through crowdfunding or sale commonly used financing mechanism.

How Launchpad works

Andrew Adcock, CEO of Crowd for Angels, summed up the role of Launchpad and why it is essential:

Launchpad projects within the Solana ecosystem

Different from the ecosystem of other public chains, the Solana ecosystem features low service fees, high transactions, and high scalability. In the early days of the Solana boom, its token price rose by as much as 2,600%, with increasing trading volumes. At its height, as all the major crypto media networks sang the praises of Solana, its daily turnover exceeded $1 billion.

Introduction to Launchpad projects in the Solana ecosystem

1) Readium

Rating and analysis of Launchpad projects

Overall, Reydium and Solanium are both well-established Launchpad projects in the Solana ecosystem. The two stand out from their peers in all aspects. As the first Launchpad project on Solana, Raydium boasts an advantage for AMM. In the early stage, it pooled many high-quality projects, including ALTAS, which is an outstanding project that recorded an ROI (ATH) of 100X and improved the average ROI on Raydium.

  • How the community is operated and the project popularity.
  • The project quality, i.e. whether the project can bring steady streams of high returns to investors.
  • The team background, i.e. whether the project can offer developers sufficient support in terms of technology, connections, funding, community, etc.



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