CoinEx Introduces the 4-Year Bill: Go and Check Your Unique Annual Figures Now

Over the past 12 months, the crypto asset industry has witnessed another period of rapid growth. A year ago, the total market cap of crypto assets was around $600 billion globally. In the following year, the figure continued to grow, peaking at nearly $3 trillion. Meanwhile, the crypto market has also grown more sophisticated and specialized. The staggering scale and increase of funds have attracted worldwide attention. To date, crypto assets have become a vital part of the current financial market.

During the last week of 2021, we are all preoccupied with annual reviews, sharing our gains throughout the year. For the crypto market, 2021 has seen the fast growth of DeFi, innovative financial models like DEX, decentralized lending, and synthetic assets. During the past 12 months, NFT has become the most trending cultural element. As tons of artists and developers adopt NFT for content creation, NFT collectibles have gained extensive recognition. We have witnessed the GameFi boom — Play-To-Earn is now a universal topic in the game industry. In 2021, many traditional Internet players have forayed into the metaverse and Web 3.0. It seems like the market will soon be dominated by creators and users.

As the crypto community strives forward, CoinEx has never stopped progressing. During the four years since its inception in 2017, CoinEx has built an all-encompassing product range of crypto management, expanding from spot trading alone to multiple services, such as margin trading, contract trading, AMM, financial service, etc. To offer users more crypto benefits, the exchange has also introduced all kinds of events, such as mining campaigns and airdrop programs.

Thanks to its first-class products & services, as well as the reliable management of technology and security, CoinEx has built a good reputation among old users and continued to attract new users. Over the past four years, the exchange has grown increasingly bigger. Right now, it boasts more than 3 million registered users and over 2,000 global communities. Supporting 16 languages, CoinEx provides secure, reliable crypto trade services for users in more than 130 countries and regions.

As a witness to CoinEx’s growth, what have you gained in the past year?

With its fourth anniversary coming soon, CoinEx has introduced the 4-year Bill, which is available once users log in to their CoinEx accounts. The Bill will tell you how much you’ve deposited/withdrawn, your total trade volume, as well as the annual PNL status over recent years. With the Bill, you will be able to revisit the joys and sorrows you experienced in the crypto space with CoinEx.

The Bill will also show your gains from CoinEx services, spanning spot trading, margin trading, contract trading, AMM, financial service, etc. According to your annual PNL status, CoinEx will also generate your own Word of 2021, which can be posted on SNS platforms like a name card, so that you can share your crypto profits in 2021.

Apart from the unique annual bill, CoinEx has also prepared incredible rewards for the fourth anniversary to thank all users for having supported and trusted the exchange in the last four years. In the future, CoinEx will also strive to become a world-leading crypto trade platform. As it offers safer and more reliable crypto services for more users around the world, CoinEx will always be there with its loyal users for many years to come.



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