CoinEx Introduction: CryptoBlades on a Sudden Rise, What is the NFT Game Token Skill?

Due to the recent boom of the metaverse, blockchain game tokens are popping up. In the past few weeks, these tokens, led by Axie Infinity (AXS), have rampaged as they soar in value. Axie Infinity made NFT games go viral with its Play-to-Earn model. Among the numerous blockchain games, we saw the sudden rise of CryptoBlades (SKILL), which created the unbelievable weekly growth record of over 15,000%, eclipsing the thriving Axie Infinity.

According to media reports, on July 29, 2021, Binance Smart Chain created a new record of more than 13 million trades within 24 hours, surpassing Ethereum’s record on the same day by ten times. Behind the jammed network traffic of Binance Smart Chain is CryptoBlades.

What exactly is CryptoBlades? Today, we will talk about this viral blockchain game and its SKILL Token.

CryptoBlades, developed by Riveted Games, is an NFT role-playing game (DeFi, gaming, leveling up & killing monsters). The NFT in the game is divided into the battle character CryptoBlades Characters (CBC) and the battle weapon CryptoBlades Weapon (CBW). SKILL Token is used for in-game reward distribution and transaction circulation.

Riveted Games, a well-rounded game developer established in 2014, released a number of games on mainstream gaming platforms like Steam, including well-known games such as Falling Stars: War of Empires and Lightspeed Frontier. The company says it has an edge in marketing, superior graphics, and gameplay know-how, which are rare in the blockchain community.

The Play-to-Earn model adopted by CryptoBlades makes SKILL the essential circulating currency of the game and allows the token to be significantly more liquid. As the native token of CryptoBlades, SKILL is mainly used for building up characters and casting and upgrading weapons.

So, how do players Play to Earn in the CryptoBlades game?

(1) To begin with, in CryptoBlades, each hero and weapon is divided into four attributes: Thunder, Wood, Water, and Fire, which restrain each other. Players need to spend SKILL to recruit the first hero when entering the game, and the subsequent recruitment costs will be increasingly higher.

(2) Secondly, the acquisition of weapons also costs SKILL for casting. There are several weapon levels and the SKILL costs for casting increase as the weapon upgrades into higher levels. The higher the weapon level, the more battle times and gains will be available each day. PS: Players will be given a free weapon after building their very first character. The way weapons are unlocked in the game is like drawing cards, the probability decreases according to the weapon level from low to high. The lucky few that have drawn high-level weapons will make sheer profits simply by playing the game.

(3) When entering the battle, players first need to choose the hero they want to fight and the matching weapons, and then a few enemies for selection will appear. In making decisions, players need to consider multiple factors such as the attributes of their own and opponents, the attributes of their weapons, and the strength of the opponent’s character. After successfully defeating the opponent, they will receive SKILL and character experience rewards.

In a nutshell, players battle with random enemies and receive SKILL rewards by building a proper match of heroes and casting the right weapon attributes. High-level heroes and weapons with perfect attributes can fetch a high price in the game. As their character levels up, players can make weapons with different damages. The stronger the weapon, the more SKILL will be available.

These SKILL Tokens can be used for character/weapon upgrades or Staking. This game model of Play to Earn benefits players while they play and makes the CryptoBlades game even more popular.

In addition, CryptoBlades also supports NFT value transfer and NFT burning, while making sure that all funds of the game stay within the liquidity cycle. It is worth mentioning that CryptoBlades practices the balance mechanism of Price Oracle to ensure balanced entering costs so that new players can have a nice gaming experience even as the SKILL price goes up.

Specifically, when SKILL price rises:

(1) SKILL expenses decrease; (2) SKILL costs required for building character go down; (3) SKILL costs required for casting character lower.

According to its official website, instead of centralized game operation on its own servers, CryptoBlades is almost entirely operated on the blockchain. Unlike off-chain games that are susceptible to DDOS attacks, the gameplay model where everything is on-chain creates a trust level rarely seen in traditional video games. Further, the game allows all players to verify its operation codes and all interactions that have occurred on its smart contract. Apart from all this, one requirement before players can get started with CryptoBlades is to get a wallet that supports Binance Chain, such as MetaMask, for purchasing SKILL and paying Gas costs.

(Partner institutions of CryptoBlades)

CryptoBlades, first issued on PancakeSwap in May 2021, is now listed on a number of exchanges, including CoinEx, MXC, Hoo, etc. As a new NFT crypto game, CryptoBlades has attracted many first-class investors and was selected for the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) II program of BSC. It is said that CryptoBlades will conduct cross-chain connection and deployment as it continues to improve its game. Let us wait and see how well this rising star of Play to Earn will perform in the future.

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