CoinEx Launches AYA Ranking Competition. Buy AYA to Get 5000 USDT

3 min readOct 20, 2020

During this October, CoinEx presents you more surprises!

On July 3 2020, CoinEx and the AYA team together held a 7-day trading ranking contest and poster sharing event. Once the event was launched, it attracted lots of attention from the cryptocurrency community with nearly 5,000 participators and 10,000 USDT giveaways.

Today, in order to further appreciate the trust of the community and give back to users who gave great support in the July trading event, the AYA team once again teamed up with CoinEx to hold the “Buy AYA to Share 5,000 USDT” event. It lasts for seven days from 08:00 20 to 27 October 2020 (UTC+8). During the event period, all users who meet any of the following two conditions can participate:

1) Users with VIP Level higher than 0;


2) Have conducted trading on CoinEx within the past half a year ( from April 20, 2020 to October 19, 2020).

During the event, qualified users with a net buying (total buying — total selling) of more than 100 AYA can participate in the ranking. The top 300 users will have the rewards.


1. Net Buying= Total Buying — Total Selling.

2. During the event, should any cheating behavior be found, the user will be disqualified.

3. Market making account is not included in this event.

4. The sub-account is not allowed to participate as an independent account, and the deposit amount of sub-account and leveraged account is also calculated into the main account.

5. Withdrawal will be suspended during the event and resumed after its end. 6. Reward distribution: Event rewards will be issued within 1 day after the event.

7. CoinEx reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

For more information: 360051182091

About AYA:

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Aryacoin (AYA) is a potential, community-driven cryptocurrency using dPow for security, insisting on the original idea of digital asset. It is also easy-to-use and users’ privacy guaranteed. Its PoW and cryptographic hash make transaction verification available. And users who verify their transactions with computing power can get rewards. AYA can be applied to both online exchanges and offline vendors without restrictions. With cryptographic signature support, users are able to send transactions to nodes directly, thereby ensuring their privacy and maintaining the integrity of data passed during the transactions.

About CoinEx:

As a global and professional cryptocurrency exchange service provider, CoinEx was founded in December 2017 with Bitmain-led investment and has obtained a legal license in Estonia. It is a subsidiary brand of the ViaBTC Group, which owns the fifth largest BTC mining pool, which is also the largest of BCH mining, in the world.

CoinEx supports perpetual contract, spot, margin trading, and other derivatives trading, and its service reaches global users in nearly 100 countries/regions with various languages available, such as Chinese, English, Korean and Russian.

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