CoinEx Market Maker Program Fully Upgraded: Join CoinEx as a Market Maker if Your Monthly Trading Volume Exceeds $5 Million

I. Investors with a qualified monthly trading volume and a crypto proficiency can join CoinEx as a market maker

Right now, to apply for the CoinEx Market Maker Program, you should meet the following requirements:

II. Multiple Privileges for Makers: Upgraded MM Fees, Spot Cashback, Exclusive Spot AMM Fees, etc.

1. Upgraded standards for MM fees that rank Makers by trading volume

III. Join CoinEx for more exclusive market maker privileges

As a CoinEx market maker, you can also enjoy other exclusive privileges, covering fee-free credit services, higher withdrawal limits, multiple sub-accounts, and 1-on-1 customer service and technical support. Moreover, CoinEx regularly hosts exclusive trading events for market makers, with trading incentives available for participants.



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