CoinEx Market Maker Program Fully Upgraded: Join CoinEx as a Market Maker if Your Monthly Trading Volume Exceeds $5 Million

4 min readJan 21, 2022

To recruit more outstanding market makers worldwide, and to encourage more market makers to provide liquidity for CoinEx while sharing the benefits and growing together with the exchange, CoinEx has fully upgraded the Market Maker Program (i.e. CoinEx Professional Trader Program) on January 21, 2022.

I. Investors with a qualified monthly trading volume and a crypto proficiency can join CoinEx as a market maker

Right now, to apply for the CoinEx Market Maker Program, you should meet the following requirements:

1. Individual traders, asset managers, quant institutions, asset managers, or other investors with monthly trading volume ≥5,000,000 USD in spot markets or perpetual markets;

2. Be proficient in API trades, the crypto market, and trading strategies.

Crypto investors who meet the requirements above will be able to apply for the CoinEx Market Maker Program and enjoy exclusive privileges.

II. Multiple Privileges for Makers: Upgraded MM Fees, Spot Cashback, Exclusive Spot AMM Fees, etc.

1. Upgraded standards for MM fees that rank Makers by trading volume

CoinEx has upgraded the classification of MM fee levels. Previously, MM fee levels were determined according to the trading volume in the past 30 days. Now, they are subject to the trading volume ranking in the previous month. Plus, market makers can enjoy the highest fee level (Lv5) for the first month without any assessment.

(1) Market Maker Fee Level for Spot:

Note: Spot market makers can enjoy a 20% OFF on exclusive fee rate for spot if they hold CET and opened the permission of CET deduction. Click on the link below to find out more about fee standards:

(2) Market Maker Fee Level for Perpetual:

2. Cashback rewards of up to 0.02% for spot market makers

Cashback rewards for spot market makers are settled in the pricing currency of the market. New spot market makers can enjoy a 30-day top-tier fees discount (Lv3). The cashback levels/ratios are as follows:

3. Exclusive spot AMM market fees for market makers

CoinEx is the first CEX that adopted the AMM mechanism. It should be noted that market maker fee level and spot maker cashback rewards are NOT available for trading pairs in AMM markets, and there is a separate set of fee standards for such trading pairs. In those special markets, market makers can enjoy a 50% discount on AMM fees. The specific rates are as follows:

Accessing AMM trading pairs via API:

III. Join CoinEx for more exclusive market maker privileges

As a CoinEx market maker, you can also enjoy other exclusive privileges, covering fee-free credit services, higher withdrawal limits, multiple sub-accounts, and 1-on-1 customer service and technical support. Moreover, CoinEx regularly hosts exclusive trading events for market makers, with trading incentives available for participants.

As a long-standing, world-renowned crypto trading platform, CoinEx has provided stable, secure, and convenient crypto trade services for 3 million users in 200 countries and regions around the world. CoinEx’s market depth, widely recognized in the crypto industry, has been well received among investors.

Market makers play a critical role in the continued improvement of the exchange’s liquidity and market depth. CoinEx welcomes outstanding market makers from all over the world to join the platform and share the dividends it brings. Click the link below and apply for the Market Maker Program: