CoinEx | New Coins Added in the Financial Account, the CoinEx’s Version of “Leftover Treasure”

Amid the surge of market investment, wealth management products have drawn growing demand. At the same time, inspired by the investment and wealth management products issued by traditional banks and P2P financial platforms on the Internet, digital asset management has gradually become the basic service of crypto platforms. As we can see today, numerous crypto trading platforms, wallet service providers and even project developers have rolled out various such products.

Wealth management products in the crypto market invest users’ digital assets in some similar products on a certain platform and receive interest after maturity; while increasing the liquidity of funds, these products also provide investors with stable income and make their idle funds grow.

The crypto market has witnessed an endless inflow of DeFi projects. Despite the hundred-fold APYs and tempting returns, the high thresholds, huge risks, and a motley collection of good and bad projects have all deterred ambitious investors from entering the DeFi field. Although the investment methods of depositing coins and earning coins are not as profitable as some DeFi projects, they prove to be a more convenient and safer choice for the crypto green hand with the low risks and stable returns.

CoinEx Financial Account is a profit-making alternative to trading, and helps users earn interest by saving coins. 70% of the interest income from borrowed coins of margin trading on CoinEx are allocated to users based on the proportion of the holdings in their financial accounts. In other words, just by transferring idle assets to their financial accounts with no limit on the minimum deposit, users can enjoy daily compound interest.

To provide users with diverse investment options and better experience in using CoinEx’s financial service and to improve its financial ecosystem, CoinEx now offers 10 new coins in the Financial Account from August 26, 2021 (UTC). The details are as follows.

1. Available From

August 26, 2021 (UTC)

2. Coins Added


So far, CoinEx has supported more than 20 coins in the Financial Account, providing users with more diverse options;

3. Risk Alerts

(1) CoinEx Lending adjust the daily interest rate according to the borrowed coins of margin trading, and the daily interest rate might be zero under extreme situations.

(2) When assets are transferred from the CoinEx Lending to the spot account, if the idle assets of all the CoinEx Lending are insufficient, the applications of transfer will be processed in time order after users return their borrowed coins, and then the part of assets can continue to receive the financing revenue.

CoinEx Financial Account is user-friendly, requires no threshold, and provides stable returns:

1. An easy way to deposit coins and earn interest
After transferring idle assets to their financial accounts, users will receive revenues yielded by their financial accounts every day. The interest will be calculated on the second day of transfer instead of the first day, and on the third day the financial account will receive the yield calculated at a compound rate.

2. Daily compound interest settled on a daily basis
The compound interest on assets will be automatically credited to users’ financial accounts every day, and will generate interest the next day.

3. Deposit and withdrawals anytime without a threshold
Usually, the transfers of assets between the spot account and the financial account are processed in real time, with no limit on the minimum deposit or the number of times of deposits and withdrawals.

In the future, CoinEx Financial Account will include more cryptocurrencies to meet the wealth management needs of users and provide more new options for stable investment.

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