CoinEx | Putting User Experience First, CoinEx Introduces PNL Analysis

Over recent years, the crypto market has seen an increasing variety of investment products, and crypto exchanges have offered plenty more new functions. Droves of crypto investors have been engaged in investment markets like spot trading, contract trading, margin trading, and wealth management. They have profited from crypto investments through the many trade tools offered by crypto exchanges, such as the magnification of funds through margin trading or hedging via contracts.

Such a dazzling array of trade tools help investors seize more investment opportunities. However, they have also presented a new challenge: Sometimes, investors may forget their investment position for good as they cannot account for all different types of crypto assets, which leads to unnecessary losses.

The significance of PNL Analysis

To investors, asset management is critical. On most exchanges, users should first set up the main account, which would then be divided into sub-accounts for different purposes, such as spot, contract, margin, and financial accounts. Although assets in different sub-accounts are separated, investors could transfer assets from one sub-account to another, without affecting the use of funds, which makes crypto assets easier to manage.

However, investors struggle to learn the profits and losses of their main account and sub-accounts because most exchanges only present the statistics of either the main account or the sub-accounts. This means that well-rounded PNL statistics are generally unavailable to investors.

Additionally, many investors neglect their spot or financial account because they are often preoccupied with the contract account. Over the long run, such investors would suffer from the lack of a full understanding of their investments. However, it would be even more troublesome if investors have to work out the charts and statistics by themselves. To address this problem, CoinEx has introduced a new function called PNL Analysis, which allows users to monitor the PNL status of their accounts at any time. With this new function, CoinEx users could keep track of their returns in real time and better manage their investments.

Currently, users could try out this new function on the CoinEx website (as shown below). The exchange also plans to roll out PNL Analysis on its mobile app.

Overview of PNL Analysis

1. Statistics

On the PNL Analysis webpage, users could check the CoinEx’s charts for asset analysis, covering the trend of assets, total yield, daily income, and PNL ranks. As shown below, these statistics are all calculated in US dollars.

From 0:00 to 2:00 (UTC+0) every day, CoinEx collects and determines the PNL data of all CoinEx users during the previous day. Once this maintenance period is over, users will be able to check their profits and losses via PNL Analysis.

2. Personalized search

Concerning the statistics of different accounts, CoinEx offers PNL statistics of both the main account as well as the sub-accounts, which is a unique advantage considering that most crypto exchanges out there do not offer complete statistics. For instance, on Huobi, users can only check changes in their contract/spot accounts and total assets, yet cannot analyze the assets in other sub-accounts. A Binance user can only analyze some of his/her sub-account assets and may not investigate the PNL statistics of the total asset and financial account. It is thus clear that the asset analysis function on CoinEx is the most well-rounded among peers.

On CoinEx, you can also check your PNL status during different periods. More specifically, CoinEx users can view the asset changes concerning their accounts in a period of up to 180 days. For instance, if the start date is set to February 1, 2021, then the end date may not be later than July 31, 2021. It is noteworthy that PNL statistics before January 2021 are not available.

3. Share your poster

To make users more informed of the profits and losses of their accounts and more influential in the field of crypto investment, CoinEx has introduced a poster function that allows them to share their returns on investment.

There are three kinds of posters you can generate: Today Income %, Total Yields, and Trend of Assets. CoinEx users can download/screenshot the posters and share them on social media platforms.

Additionally, users can also add to the poster their exclusive QR code for referral commissions. If a new user gets registered on CoinEx through the QR code, the referrer may receive 40% of the transaction fees incurred by the new user as the referral commission. Compared with peers, CoinEx offers a much more appealing commission rate.


From the Take-Profit & Stop-Loss function through the CSC momentum to the launch of PNL Analysis, the recent moves of CionEx are proof that the exchange always puts users first. Meanwhile, it has also explored the global market through its web support of multiple languages and the establishment of CoinEx communities around the world. Aiming to achieve win-win results, CoinEx strives to offer first-rate experiences and build better trade tools for users.

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