CoinEx Ranked as the 7th Fastest Growing Brand in Financial Services by Digital 100 UK 2022

Recently, SimilarWeb, a world-renowned data analysis website, revealed the latest Digital 100, which covers the top 10 brands across 10 key categories based on the annual growth in user traffic. Owing to its incredible growth in 2021, CoinEx was ranked as the 7th fastest growing brand in financial services.

Every year, SimilarWeb, a professional data analysis platform, releases a list of the fastest-growing brands in countries based on the traffic data recorded by hundreds of millions of websites and applications, covering apparel, beauty, electronics, financial services, food & drink, gaming, health & fitness, real estate, home furnishing, and travel. The UK list of top brands in financial services was put together through data analysis of the number of site visitors recorded by websites with over 100,000 visitors in the UK, and the final ranking was determined by comparing the year-on-year growth of website traffic in 2020 and 2021.

According to data revealed by SimilarWeb, the 2021 Traffic of CoinEx reached 1 million in the UK, a YoY Traffic Change of 501%. In addition, the number of Unique Monthly Visitors stands at 12,000, and the Average Visit Duration is 308 seconds, making CoinEx one of the top sites in financial services by website traffic. The list also covers big-name crypto brands such as CoinDesk and Binance.

In 2021, CoinEx was able to rank as one of the fastest growing sites in financial services in the UK thanks to its continued efforts over the last four years. Since its inception in 2017, CoinEx has kept improving its products. Relying on outstanding products & services, as well as the secure technological support, the exchange gained the recognition and trust of a large user base and stood out from its competitors.

In particular, over the past year, CoinEx rolled out more considerate products and services, spanning Sell Crypto, Perpetual Contract Take-Profit & Stop-Loss, PNL Analysis, etc. By improving the trading experience of its products, users feel more assured when engaging in crypto trades. Moreover, the exchange also launched the CoinEx Airdrop Station to provide more benefits for CoinEx users. At the end of December 2021, CoinEx hosted a grand 4th anniversary event. Three million users joined the celebration and received nearly 20 million CET.

At the same time, CoinEx has kept improving the assets it lists. Over the past year, CoinEx launched more than 300 premium, innovative cryptos and introduced plenty of new contract markets and AMM markets. As of February 16, the exchange covers 513 types of cryptos, 100 contract trading markets, and 559 AMM markets.

Thanks to its fine products and services, CoinEx achieved exponential growth in 2021. Available in 16 languages, the exchange now boasts over 3 million registered users and more than 2,000 global communities. It provides secure, reliable crypto trade services for users in over 130 countries and regions around the world.

In the future, CoinEx will continue to improve its products and provide more intuitive trading services; execute a rigorous asset-listing process and offer premium, innovative crypto assets; enhance its technological security and risk-control capacities and ensure the security of each asset; pursue the globalization strategy and provide convenient trading services for crypto users in more countries and regions.



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