CoinEx Research|Ethereum Dencun Upgrade Report: In-depth Analysis and Track Opportunities

2 min readFeb 15, 2024

CoinEx Research has released a report on the Ethereum Cancun upgrade. This in-depth report reveals the inner workings of Ethereum’s Cancun upgrade, its immediate impact on the Ethereum blockchain, and its potential impact track. As a pioneer in blockchain technology, Ethereum has been pushing forward its own technology updates and upgrades to meet the growing business needs and user expectations. The Cancun upgrade is an important step forward in Ethereum’s scalability and performance improvement roadmap.

The Cancun upgrade includes five EIPs, the most notable of which is EIP-4844, which aims to solve the scalability problem of Ethereum, illustrate the reduction of transaction costs of Ethereum’s Layer 2 solution, and directly benefit related ecosystems such as L2. By introducing a new data storage structure and pricing mechanism, this upgrade greatly improves Ethereum’s ability to support Layer 2 and effectively reduces the cost of using Layer 2. This not only accelerates the development of the increasingly prosperous Layer 2 applications in the Ethereum ecosystem, but also strengthens Ethereum’s advantage in the public chain competition.

In addition to the factors that directly affect the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, CoinEx Research also explores the broader impact that the Ethereum Cancun upgrade could trigger. These impact tracks cover a wide range of aspects from Layer 2 and data availability to the application layer, providing an important reference for investors, developers, and users to better understand and respond to future changes in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Click HERE to download the full report.

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