CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC): Mine in OneSwap to Make an Easy Profit

OneSwap launched a 10-day mining and airdrop event on CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) at 0 o’clock (UTC) on July 21! With three mining pools open at the same time, miners can make an easy profit by staking two tokens for mining.

This event, launched on CSC, is also the first liquidity mining since the CSC mainnet went live on June 30. CSC is fully compatible with Ethereum and achieves a cost-effective on-chain experience through the combination of the PoS and PoA consensus mechanisms. In addition, CSC has poured millions of US dollars to escort the ecosystem construction, which is quite friendly to beginners and potential developers, thus attracting many new projects. Among them, OneSwap is the first DeFi project on CSC.

A 28-Fold Increase in 7 Days, the Amount of Locked Staking Reached a Record High

In return for the ongoing support of CET holders, OneSwap has launched a mining event with 100,000 ONES to be shared. ONES (OneSwap DAO Token) is a OneSwap-issued CRC20 governance token deployed on CSC. It is also a reward to users who provide liquidity for the three trading pairs of CET/USDT, ONES/CET, and ONES/USDT.

Market analysts believe that users can not only get 60% of the transaction fees in ONES while providing liquidity for the capital pool but also enjoy extra mining rewards from the event, which is more profitable than mining on other mining platforms and by themselves. The user-friendliness and huge profits of this event have made it well-received among users since day one. The annual yield has soared to 100% within only 7 days upon its launch.

As of today, all kinds of OneSwap figures have continued to grow. Its staking volume has recorded $26.41 million, increasing by $25.47 million or 2706.03% compared with the numbers at the beginning, a 28-fold increase.

Learn to Mine and Earn in Three Minutes

Address for participation:

OneSwap allows CET, USDT, or ONES holders to become part of the mining event. Users, who don’t have the above-mentioned tokens, can log in to CoinEx Exchange ( to purchase CET, USDT, and ONES.

Users need to select CSC and [Connect to Wallet] and withdraw USDT and CET that have been bought to the connected wallet address (make sure to select CET, USDT, and ONES based on CSC while withdrawing because other smart chains are yet not included in this event).

ONES Airdrop Event Ends Successfully

For extra ONES, users can further participate in the airdrop event posted on OneSwap’s official Twitter account. The event thread has been retweeted by many users at the moment it was published. As long as they meet the requirements of the airdrop event, users can just retweet the thread with a single click for a chance to win up to 50 ONES.

As of yesterday, the exclusive round of ONES Incentives is officially ended. Thank you all for joining the airdrop! The result will be revealed on July 28. Please follow OneSwap on Twitter.

Please visit:

The $10m Seed Fund and Three-stage Support for Excellent DeFi Projects

OneSwap can successfully land on CSC thanks to the seed fund scheme of the CSC ecosystem. To perfect a high-performance smart chain ecosystem, improve the infrastructure and attract more excellent developers to CSC, it provides a $10-million seed fund for all developers across the globe, with a bonus of as much as $500,000 for one single project.

The CSC ecosystem has not only built itself into an enabling environment featuring openness, transparency, and low costs but also offered a three-stage support mechanism. The first stage is financial support, which is suitable for newbie developers or mature projects, and projects in close cooperation may have a chance to get $500,000. The second stage involves both financial support and media publicity, which is more appropriate for big DeFi projects. The third stage extends beyond the fund and media publicity to support in the ecosystem, a boon for mature, excellent projects as they can enjoy preference in listing coins on CoinEx Exchange and investments from CoinEx.

Application link:

The Chinese version:

The English version:

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