CoinEx Sponsors Bitcoin 2023 to Explore the Future of Crypto

3 min readMay 24


Bitcoin 2023, the world’s largest annual Bitcoin event, concluded in Miami on May 21. The conference brought together over 15,000 crypto practitioners, renowned entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from around the world. Besides, the event also featured distinguished speakers including the U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy and bestselling author Michael Lewis. At Bitcoin 2023, Mr. Kennedy stated his support for Bitcoin and emphasized its significance in his speech, which triggered a tremendous response from the crypto market.

Bitcoin 2023 received support and sponsorship from top companies around the world. CoinEx, a long-standing global crypto exchange, was honored to sponsor and attend this grand event. At the venue, CoinEx set up LED displays to showcase the exchange’s brand culture, advantages, technical strength, and user-friendly products & services in a creative and fashionable manner. This attracted many guests and attendees, making CoinEx a highlight of the conference.

The photo was taken at Bitcoin 2023

As the market evolved over the years, CoinEx, one of the world’s leading crypto trading platforms, has remained committed to the idea of “making crypto trading easier”, while providing global users with secure, easy-to-use, and efficient crypto trading services. Since its inception in 2017, CoinEx has kept perfecting its crypto trading products & services. This effort has paid off as it gives the platform unique advantages that include versatile options of crypto trading, streamlined product design, and transparent proof of reserve, gaining support and trust from users worldwide.

CoinEx Exchange serves as an easy gateway to the world of crypto for global users through the following products and services:

1. A wide range of cryptos

To meet demands for crypto investment, CoinEx Exchange offers over 700 quality cryptos. It regularly lists innovative coins and updates coin rankings to keep users informed of real-time market trends, which is particularly convenient for crypto beginners.

2. Streamlined product design

As the crypto guide for beginners, CoinEx is committed to “making crypto trading easier”. More specifically, the exchange has introduced simple, intuitive interfaces, comprehensive crypto know-how, and online user support to make crypto trading more accessible and offer seamless user experiences.

3. Enhanced asset protection

CoinEx employs the “Merkle Tree” system to maintain a 100% reserve ratio and protect user assets, providing a trading environment with guaranteed asset security. Moreover, CoinEx promises that it will never misuse user assets for any reason whatsoever and will always protect users’ rights and interests. The exchange also encourages users to join the CoinEx community and maintain the healthy, fair, and orderly development of the crypto market through concerted efforts.

The photo was taken at Bitcoin 2023

The success of Bitcoin 2023 has catalyzed the advancement of the industry and earned CoinEx more attention and recognition. As a pioneer in the era of crypto assets, CoinEx Exchange keeps up with the times, consistently innovates technologies, and optimizes products to facilitate crypto progress.

Going forward, CoinEx will continue to pursue innovation and progress in the crypto space and provide users with quality crypto trading products and satisfying experiences, kicking off a new, prosperous era of crypto.