CoinEx Takes Its Involvement in Bitcoin Development to the Next Level by Sponsoring Bitcoin 2023

3 min readMay 16, 2023


Bitcoin 2023, the world’s largest Bitcoin conference, is set to take place in Miami on May 18, 2023. The event is expected to bring more than 20,000 attendees, 2,000 companies, and 150 speakers in the crypto space. As a long-standing global crypto exchange, CoinEx is proud to announce its sponsorship and attendance of the event to celebrate the birth of Bitcoin and contribute to the advancement of the crypto industry.

The conference will provide a platform for business leaders, professional investors, and technical pioneers in the crypto space to exchange ideas and insights. Bitcoin 2023 will feature various events, including theme parties, Bitcoin bazaars, and speeches aimed at creating a unique and informative experience for crypto enthusiasts.

As part of the conference, CoinEx plans to introduce attendees to its product functions, highlighting its technical capabilities and advantages. CoinEx is focused on investment and trading through its clear and concise trading interface and easy-to-understand product features. As a cryptocurrency exchange, CoinEx has consistently made efforts to simplify crypto trading, being a gateway for ordinary investors to enter the crypto world.

With over 700 quality trading pairs, the exchange offers a wide range of products and services, including spot trading, futures trading, margin trading, AMM, and crypto finance, to meet the demands of all types of crypto investors.

“We are proud to sponsor Bitcoin 2023 and contribute to the development of the global blockchain community. Our aim as a leading crypto exchange is to make trading easier and accessible for everyone, promoting the democratization of finance and the adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide,” said Haipo Yang, CEO of CoinEx.

During its early days, CoinEx built a team of experienced blockchain developers and operators and through advanced blockchain technologies and professional crypto management tools, created easy-to-use, secure, and reliable crypto trading products that earned it global recognition. As a top exchange, CoinEx offers not only advanced technologies and stable systems but also multiple security measures and professional services.

Over the past five years, CoinEx has remained true to its founding mission and focused on providing better products and services through technological innovation and upgrades. These efforts have resulted in fast, convenient crypto trading services. Additionally, by prioritizing users needs, the exchange actively optimizes its products to meet various trading demands. Last year, CoinEx implemented the Merkle Tree audit method as Proof of Reserve, fulfilling its promise of a 100% reserve ratio. Combined with multiple security verification mechanisms, this safeguards user assets at all times.

CoinEx has prioritized delivering easy-to-use products, evident through its user-friendly interface and feature design. As a result of its secure, quality crypto trading services, CoinEx has experienced steady growth in its user base. The exchange currently offers services to over 4 million users worldwide, with a daily trading volume of over $400 million.

The upcoming Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami will help drive further progress in the crypto and blockchain industry. In the past years, CoinEx has sponsored and attended numerous events and exhibitions, including the Paris Blockchain Week and the 2021 Rugby League World Cup. By sponsoring Bitcoin 2023, CoinEx has demonstrated its deep involvement in Bitcoin development and received recognition from the crypto industry, which has placed the exchange on the global stage.

Through its sponsorship of Bitcoin 2023, CoinEx aims to showcase its brand values and platform advantages to the world. The exchange also plans to collaborate with global blockchain entrepreneurs to explore the unlimited possibilities and value of blockchain technology, ushering in a great new era of blockchain.

CoinEx remains committed to supporting blockchain innovation to enhance the quality and stability of crypto trading continuously. As a leading crypto exchange, we believe that CoinEx will continue to provide users with exceptional and convenient trading services.