CoinEx Turns 6: A Toast to Our Users Who are The Wind Beneath Our Wings

4 min readDec 1, 2023

This December, the veteran global crypto exchange CoinEx will celebrate its 6th anniversary. To commemorate this significant milestone, CoinEx will host “You Raise Me Up” themed celebrations, treating users to an exciting gala conveying CoinEx’s commitment and dedication. CoinEx has planned a series of exciting events, including Anniv Trivia, #C-Block1024 Game Challenge, Share Your “Raise” Art Campaign, as well as other giveaway events, to thank users for their continued support and showcase its innovative efforts and achievements in crypto trading over the past year. More than a celebration, the 6th anniversary events mark a new chapter for CoinEx and its users.

CoinEx appreciates its users for their loyalty through all the ups and downs. The anniversary celebration is set with 12 on-site and off-site events scheduled throughout December, featuring diverse activities across social media to provide users new interactive experiences and ample rewards. During the celebration, CoinEx users can sign up for all kinds of SNS giveaway events and share their valuable opinions to shape CoinEx’s future and connect with the global community. Participants will win for a chance to receive exclusive merchandise and rewards.

The off-site celebration includes eight events, covering both SNS platforms and user communities. On social media, CoinEx will fully engage with users through interactive contests, offering grand prizes. The celebration will kick off with the Share Your “Raise” Art Campaign: Raise and Shine on social media on December 4. The campaign encourages users to create and share art work on the theme of “Raise”, not limited to paintings, photos, videos, etc. The art contest calls on users’ creativity to envision CoinEx’s infinite possibilities. To deepen the bond with CoinEx users and build shared memories together, the exchange will host a series of Twitter Spaces discussions named #RaiseWithCoinEx. These activities aim to approach users, stay attuned to their views, and understand their needs, demonstrating CoinEx’s user-first brand philosophy. It is not only an interactive experience but also a major highlight for CoinEx’s 6th anniversary celebration.

The community events emphasize the fun aspect, hosting not only the #C-Block1024 Game Challenge but also card challenges. The brand new activities provide users with a festive experience, offering them the chance to win rewards meticulously prepared by CoinEx. The exchange will also host a #RaiseToBoss AMA, #YouRaiseMeUp community event, and #MeAsCoinExer to connect with every CoinEx user.

In addition to the above off-site events, CoinEx will launch a series of anniversary celebration events on its official website, including #C-Block1024 Game Challenge, Anniv Trivia, futures tradeboard ranking competition, and gift packages for beginners, bringing more benefits and surprises to its users. (For more details, follow CoinEx’s official website at

CoinEx is more than just a crypto exchange — it is a vibrant and innovative community. As one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinEx follows a user-first ethos and strives to deliver more professional products. Looking ahead, CoinEx will continue evolving its products and services to meet users’ needs. But its core values will remain unchanged — integrity, transparency, and dedication to positive, seamless user experiences.

CoinEx’s sixth-anniversary celebration not only showcases its evolution over the past six years but also offers users a window on its vibrant growth as well as the key milestones on its six-year journey. Looking ahead, CoinEx will continue embracing new opportunities and challenges, striving to create greater value for its users and beyond. The celebrations are an expression of gratitude for users’ enduring support and a commemoration of the shared growth, a testament to its shared joinery with users. All CoinEx users and other crypto communities are invited to join the celebrations and commemorate this grand occasion. Let’s embrace the sixth anniversary and rejoice in its achievements and future advancements.

About CoinEx

Established in 2017, CoinEx is a global cryptocurrency exchange committed to making trading easier. The platform provides a range of services, including spot and margin trading, futures, swaps, automated market maker (AMM), and financial management services for over 5 million users across 200+ countries and regions. Founded with the initial intention of creating an equal and respectful cryptocurrency environment, CoinEx is dedicated to dismantling traditional finance barriers by offering easy-to-use products and services to make crypto trading accessible for everyone.