CoinEx | Value Enhancement Strategies in a Volatile Market: CoinEx Financial Service Offers Steady Returns

As the crypto market grows and presents high returns, a growing number of individual and institutional investors have forayed into the crypto space. Despite the high ROIs brought by cryptos, the volatile market trends can be quite confusing for users who are after prudent, value-centered investments. For crypto beginners, it is always a headache to try to profit from digital assets.

As the demand for crypto finance soars due to volatile market conditions, CoinEx Financial Service has become a new investment craze

As a leading global exchange, CoinEx has never stopped developing profitable products in addition to trades, and its Financial Service represents one of the many innovative products available on the exchange.

CoinEx Financial Service aims to offer users steady returns through their crypto assets. CoinEx distributes 70% of the interest income from borrowed coins of margin trading on the exchange to users against the ratio of the holdings in their Financial Account. Plus, there is no minimum requirement for token deposits.

Whether you are a long-term holder planning to maximize your returns or a short-term speculator hoping to profit from frequent trades, depositing cryptos through CoinEx Financial Service for interest is a wise investment choice. With this service, regardless of how the market price may fluctuate, users could always benefit from stable yields, that is, profit in the bull market and stock up on cryptos in the bear market.

Join CoinEx for easy passive income through one-stop operations

In the crypto world, new concepts such as DeFi and NFT tend to present great investment opportunities. Once investors seize such opportunities, they could receive amazing returns. However, these investments are often less accessible and require crypto expertise. For beginners who are dazzled by all the new concepts, rushing into a crypto investment may lead to huge losses.

If you are confused by the complex market trends and candlestick charts and have no time for frequent trades, CoinEx Financial Service would be your perfect choice.

On CoinEx, to receive steady returns, all it takes is to transfer your idle assets into the Financial Account, without the need for crypto expertise, trading experiences, or complex operations. Moreover, the user-friendly UI of the exchange allows everyone, even crypto newbies, to deposit cryptos and earn interest through the Financial Account. The flexible, convenient one-stop operations of the product meet different investment needs and offer a neat demonstration of what “Deposit to Earn” means.

Try out the Financial Account in two steps

  1. To begin with, you need to visit the CoinEx website After logging in to your CoinEx account, click on [Financial] in the dropdown menu of [Assets].
  2. Choose [Asset Transfer] on the Financial page, select [From Spot to Financial], and then choose a coin (USDT). Finally, you’ll be able to earn easy passive income once you click on [Confirm] after entering the transfer amount.

After transferring idle assets to their Financial Account, users will receive revenues yielded by the Financial Account every day, with compound interests settled on a daily basis. Compared with its counterparts on other platforms, CoinEx Financial Service is more user-friendly as it features no investment threshold and minimal asset limits.

As more crypto finance products emerge, CoinEx Financial Service remains users’ first choice

In light of the soaring demand for crypto investment and finance, the major trading platforms are striving to provide more diversified products of crypto finance for more market shares. However, at the end of the day, security and yields are the top concerns for most crypto investors

Backed by the exchange’s strict risk control system, CoinEx Financial Service fully ensures the security of users’ assets. Moreover, having adopted a flexible investment model, the product imposes no restriction on investors in terms of asset liquidity. In the meantime, on CoinEx, the compounded interests will directly go to users’ Financial Account once they are settled, which offers great convenience for users.

Apart from the enhanced security, CoinEx also beats its peers in terms of APY.

According to informed sources, the 7-day APY of the earn products offered by two leading crypto exchanges now stands at 5% and 4.41%, respectively. The 7-day APY of CoinEx Financial Account, on the other hand, has peaked at 15.78%, tripling the returns on investment you can get on other top exchanges.

CoinEx Financial Service, developed by CoinEx relying on years of crypto expertise, features enhanced security and high returns, making it one of the most popular products in crypto finance.


The drastic market volatility has presented a new challenge to the liquidity of crypto finance. In today’s crypto market, one can hardly find satisfying asset management products. CoinEx Financial Service, on the other hand, addresses the liquidity concern in crypto finance and provides a creative solution to the development of the field while helping investors increase the value of their cryptos.



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