CoinEx | Website UI Fully Updated: Improved Visual and Trading Experiences for Users

Aiming to improve users’ visual and trading experiences, CoinEx introduced a new website UI in December 2021 on bothe desktop and mobile. The updated official website presents an all-new outlook for CoinEx users around the world through many new elements, including the refreshing green branding, simpler page guide, and richer content.

The homepage shows the latest crypto rankings. Upon logging in to, users can check the Top Gainers and Top Losers via Market Overview right away. On the homepage, you can also view the first-class assets newly listed on CoinEx.

Moreover, CoinEx is compatible with multiple devices. Users can download and install the CoinEx APP from the APP Store, Google Play, or Android APK according to the type of device they own. To switch to the download page, you’ll only need to click the relevant picture on the homepage.

It is noteworthy that the fully upgraded CoinEx site not only features improved visual experiences but also introduces new sections such as For Beginners and CoinEx Blog that offers quick access to more trading know-how for both new and existing users. This will further improve users’ trading experience.

On the homepage, we can see that right below For Beginners are two modules: Basic and Advanced, which make the site more friendly to crypto newbies. Through content in the Basic module, beginners can have access to more crypto know-how and learn how to trade on CoinEx. This includes guides on deposit & withdrawal, spot trading, as well as the exchange’s financial service. Existing users, on the other hand, could become more skilled traders by learning more trading strategies, covering margin trading, contract trading, and AMM, in the Advanced module. In short, you can select the content that you are interested in and start learning right away.

Additionally, the upgraded CoinEx site features another new section called CoinEx Blog, which keeps you updated with the latest CoinEx trends and market reports. Through CoinEx Blog, users can check the latest CoinEx news while learning more crypto knowledge and market reports. You can also share such content on social media platforms. By creating keyword tags, CoinEx Blog sorts the top market trends into different categories. As a CoinEx user, you can click on the tags that you find interesting, such as the trending GameFi sector, to learn more about the relevant content. You can also click on [More] to check more professional articles in CoinEx Blog right away.

CoinEx gathers innovative crypto assets and supports a variety of asset types. The exchange aims to offer more quality trading options and help users explore investment opportunities one step ahead. Both the CoinEx site and APP provide well-rounded coin profiles that allow users to invest in assets that interest them while browsing the relevant information.

CoinEx now offers a wide range of trade services, spanning spot, margin, contract, AMM, and financial service. Serving crypto investors around the world, the exchange is available in multiple languages. As it strives to provide secure, stable crypto trade services, CoinEx has continued to improve its trading experiences in the pursuit of the ultimate user service.