CoinEx Weekly Recap, 28 Feb — 6 Mar 2022

CoinEx Charity

As it honors its original commitment to giving back to society and improving public wellbeing, CoinEx Charity has hosted charitable events in places that include the Philippines and Nigeria since 2021. This year, it launched a $10 million charity fund to empower global charity through its social influence.

Take a Survey and Win $5 Cash Voucher

To better understand the trading of crypto derivatives, improve the relevant CoinEx functions, and enable the sound growth of the market, we are inviting traders of crypto derivatives to take the following survey.

Event Recap

You Ask We Answer Vol.6

Weekly Top 5 Rocketing Cryptos

  1. $UMA
  2. $BNX
  3. $PSTAKE
  4. $WAVES
  5. $GOLD

New Listing

WebsiteExplorer | Whitepaper


As a global and professional cryptocurrency exchange service provider, CoinEx was founded in December 2017 with Bitmain-led investment. It is a subsidiary brand of the ViaBTC Group, which owns one of the largest BTC mining pools, which is also the largest of BCH mining, in the world.



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