CoinEx Weekly Update, 17–23 August 2020

Dear CoinEx users, to keep you updated each week, we will share with you a recap of all the exciting events of the previous week. Below are major events that occurred in the ecosystem over the 17–23 August.


Link CoinEx to Turkey — Register & Trade to Seize 11,000 USDT

This is an event exclusively to reward and appreciate Turkish users for our successful entry and operations in the Turkish market. The exclusive event which has a total reward pool of 11,000 USDT is of two categories, which are:

Event 1: Register to share 6,000 USDT

Event 2: Trade to share 5,000 USDT

Event details

Third Event — Conduct Perpetual Contract Trading to share 5,000 USDT Ongoing

The third and final event for BCH 3rd Anniversary Celebration is currently open.

Users can choose to complete any of the following tasks, and share the corresponding rewards in terms of the amount of tasks completed.
Task 1: Invite a Perpetual Contract newbie (newly registered during the event and conduct a Perpetual Contract trading)
Task 2: BCH contract trading value reaches 500 USD
Task 3: Net deposit up to 100 USD (applicable for all coins/ tokens )
(1) Complete 2 tasks can share 2,000 USDT
(2) Complete 3 tasks to share 3,000 USDT


DIA Launched: Verified and Transparent Oracles for the DeFi Economy

As DeFi projects continues to shine, CoinEx has listed and launched DIA for trading after rigorous reviews. This will present users more trading and investments options.

About DIA
Website | Explorer
DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) claims to provide financial institutions with an immutable and verified single source of financial market data for any market and asset type. DIA also aims to be an open-source, data and oracle platform for the DeFi ecosystem.

Listing details here

CRV Launched: is a governance token with time-weighted voting and value accrual mechanisms

About CRV
Website | Explorer
CRV is a governance token with time-weighted voting and value accrual mechanisms.
-Governance with time-weighted voting
-Value capture mechanism to promote certain pools
-Locking mechanism to accrue rewards for long term liquidity providers
-Fee burn (once enabled by governance further down the road)

Listing details here


About BTS upcoming maintenance

In line with the upcoming maintenance of BTS, withdrawal and deposit for BTS will be suspended until the successful completion of maintenance.

1. Trading and inter-user transfer of BTS trading pairs on CoinEx will not be affected during this period.
2. Users will be updated if there’s any latest information or newer development.

CoinEx Project Research

Ampleforth Research Report

Ampleforth has managed to create what used to be an imaginary perfect asset with infinite supply, the owners of which don’t have to worry about it getting devalued. Ampleforth has to some degree successfully redesigned the way money works despite only being a few years old. Their influence has not penetrated a huge portion of the market as of yet but there is a lot of room for them to grow. And being part of the DeFi movement makes it a lot easier to gain more traction. In fact, over 36 million AMPL has been deposited in Geyser as of now. This is a great stepping-stone for the protocol.

Full Research Report by Gamals Ahmed, CoinEx Business Ambassador

Ocean Protocol Research Report

The Ocean Protocol Foundation develops a decentralized data exchange protocol that facilitates the sharing and monetizing of data assets for artificial intelligence (AI) while guaranteeing control, auditability, transparency, and compliance to all actors involved.

Full Research Report by Garet Johan, CoinEx Business Ambassador

Important Services


As a global and professional cryptocurrency exchange service provider, CoinEx was founded in December 2017 with Bitmain-led investment and has obtained a legal license in Estonia. It is a subsidiary brand of the ViaBTC Group, which owns the fifth largest BTC mining pool, which is also the largest of BCH mining, in the world.

CoinEx supports perpetual contract, spot, margin trading, and other derivatives trading, and its service reaches global users in nearly 100 countries/regions with various languages available, such as Chinese, English, Korean and Russian.

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