CoinEx | You Ask We Answer Special Edition: ViaBTC 6th Anniversary

About ViaBTC’s Products, Development and Future Plans

1. @astaeren: There are many places where we can do mining. Why should we choose ViaBTC?

Insights and Opinions on Today’s Market

7. @Cybertech76Paul: As we have seen in the last month’s BTC drop, which dragged all the other tokens along, is there an impact for ViaBTC?

About CoinEx and $CET

11. @Phoenix_dev1234: What is your vision on $CET What are your plans in increasing the value of $CET? What are your plans/ideas you can use to tackle crypto coin hackers?

About CoinEx Smart Chain

13. @emersontntky: CoinEx Smart Chain is ideal for use due to its high efficiency and low fee. What other novelty does CSC offer that invites developers and users to join?

About ViaBTC Capital

16. @kabir_XZ89: How ViaBTC Capital sees DeFi, NFT and Gamefi markets in the coming years? How does its partnership with CoinEx will help the sectors grow?

Interesting Facts About Haipo Yang

17. @theewhites: How did you first find out about Bitcoin? What did you think of it at the time, and how has your view changed since then?



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