CoinEx’s Contract Markets Achieve Major Breakthrough While Meeting Diversified Demands for Financial Derivatives

Financial derivatives are critical to the operation and growth of the capital market. This is particularly true in the crypto asset sector where financial derivatives represent one of the indispensable financial tools. At the moment, DeFi remains unfinished, and GameFi’s performance failed to match expectations. In today’s crypto market, most investors focus on perpetual contract markets.

In the field of crypto assets, delivery contracts and perpetual contracts dominate the derivatives markets. In particular, perpetual contracts have gained more market recognition thanks to their simple operations and the elimination of delivery. Moreover, two kinds of contracts have been created based on perpetual contracts, namely, coin-margined contracts and USDT-margined contracts.

Soon after their introduction, USDT-margined contracts have seized the contract market and become one of the most trending crypto derivatives. As USDT-margined contracts achieve fast growth, the major trading platforms have started a new contract race.

Relying on its keen market insights, CoinEx has started to plan for USDT-margined contract markets a long time ago. The exchange has developed expertise in this regard, while its peers are just beginning to foray into USDT-margined contracts. As a pioneer in crypto derivatives, CoinEx has kept improving its products — The new USDT-margined contract market it introduced based on market dynamics meets most crypto users’ need for trading.

As USDT-margined perpetual contract markets demonstrate remarkable growth potential, they have attracted a growing number of investors. To better serve users, CoinEx will add 20 USDT-margined perpetual contract markets at 08:00 (UTC) on December 2, 2021, including FLOWUSDT, LRCUSDT, ONEUSDT, IOTXUSDT, LPTUSDT, ZENUSDT, ANKRUSDT, ZRXUSDT, SCUSDT, ONTUSDT, SRMUSDT, DGBUSDT, SKLUSDT, 1INCHUSDT, NUUSDT, STORJUSDT, KAVAUSDT, OCEANUSDT, RSRUSDT, and SXPUSDT.

The introduction of more trading categories based on market developments is an indication of CoinEx’s keen market insights, as well as its fast response to crypto trends. Secondly, more trading categories also show the massive demand for trading. This reflects the extensive user recognition of CoinEx’s USDT-margined contract markets, which are in full swing.

In the crypto market, USDT-margined contracts have become the future trend. The top priority for crypto users is to choose a pragmatic, reliable trading platform. Thanks to its comprehensive plans and continued efforts for USDT-margined perpetual contract markets, CoinEx will likely to be the “first stop” of many crypto enthusiasts in this sector. As its market shares surge, CoinEx will tap into the growth momentum of the blockchain era, keep pace with market developments through a wide product range, and achieve more breakthroughs in USDT-margined perpetual contract markets.




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