CoinEx’s Open Letter to Hackers

2 min readSep 15, 2023


To Hackers,

We entered this industry with a vision of “making the world a better place via blockchain.” Like millions of blockchain enthusiasts who share the same faith, we strive to build an open, interconnected, and inclusive blockchain ecosystem that welcomes everyone’s participation. We believe you share similar aspirations. Whether you’re dissatisfied with the current state of blockchain security or simply testing the security of the exchange system, we hope to build a sincere and open channel of communication. Through this channel, we can fully express our demands and engage in constructive discussions to find a reasonable solution. We firmly believe that dialogue and negotiation are the only effective solution.

We are well aware of the weaknesses and areas for improvement within the CoinEx team. This incident has come as a profound lesson for us and has alerted us to the fact that the security of exchange assets must never be compromised. The affected assets are not just numbers; they represent the trust millions of global users have placed in us. We hope you recognize the impact of this event on each one of those users. We would appreciate it if you understand the concerns and frustrations of these affected users. We sincerely invite you to work with us to resolve this issue in a securer, more reasonable, and more user-friendly manner.

We encourage you to communicate and negotiate with us actively on the blockchain or through our official email address ( If you are willing to return the stolen assets, we will offer you a generous bug bounty as a reward.

Undoubtedly, blockchain is a fascinating and challenging field that attracts many geeks. In the industry, there are numerous white hat hackers who work anonymously. With their exceptional skills, they have achieved significant recognition and financial success.

Stealing a significant fortune through cyberattacks is considered a “severe criminal act” in any country, and legal responsibilities cannot be evaded. In this incident, you have demonstrated your technical expertise and talent, showcasing your potential for excelling as a white hat hacker in the blockchain industry.

After this incident, CoinEx will thoroughly upgrade its security architecture, investing more funds and manpower into security. If possible, we sincerely invite you to discuss the future upgrade of CoinEx’s security system. Together with global blockchain enterprises and practitioners, we will safeguard a free, open, secure, and trustworthy blockchain ecosystem.

Best Regards,

CoinEx Team