CoinEx Referral Rewards Scheme Upgrades! Enjoy up to 40% of the Transaction Fees with Your Friends!

  1. What is the referral rewards scheme?
  1. You can update VIP Level when your CET holdings meet the requirements.
  2. CET holdings of the day are automatically calculated at 0 o’clock (UTC) every day (CET holdings in the bound non-CoinEx address included, if any), and all VIP Level will be updated at 1:00 (UTC) on a daily basis;
  3. VIP fees discount is applicable on top of discount using CET as fees.
  4. After the VIP is activated, the discounts will be automatically calculated and applied to your orders. For details, see “VIP Discount”; View VIP level standards and discount details:; Buy CET now to become a VIP user:




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The Global Cryptocurrency Exchange. Visit us: | |

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