CoinEx Referral Rewards Scheme Upgrades! Enjoy up to 40% of the Transaction Fees with Your Friends!

Amid the ever-changing blockchain industry since the era of Internet, no technology has been able to trigger such a disruptive revolution in such a short period of time.

None but Dogecoin. On Wednesday, the price of Dogecoin rose by 20%, approaching 54 cents. So far, the market value of Dogecoin has soared by more than 130 times, reaching nearly 85 billion U.S. dollars. It has outrun General Motors, the largest US automaker by market value, and even some of the most famous giants in the world like FedEx, Nintendo, and NetEase.

The blockchain will generate value a hundred times the value created by the Internet. This trend is particularly prominent in the token business models such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This year, as the prices of Dogecoin, Shib, and Ethereum hit new highs, the NFT market is booming, proliferating wealth overnight.

Under this circumstance, what kind of role should the exchange in the upper and middle reaches of the blockchain ecosystem play? How to jointly promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry? These are the top issues that many exchanges should think about and tackle.

Amid the white-hot competition, how can an exchange survive and continue to live its legend? CoinEx has an answer.

To drive CoinEx’s business ecosystem to develop soundly, move forward the vision of “building a world-class encrypted digital asset trading platform”, and at the same time reward users who have contributed to the CoinEx ecosystem with unprecedented benefits, CoinEx hereby upgrades its referral rewards scheme. The details are as follows:

  1. What is the referral rewards scheme?

Users could invite their friends to register and trade on CoinEx through referral codes or referral links, and would then receive a certain percentage of the referrals’ transaction fees as commissions. The commissions would be settled and paid by CoinEx Token (CET) and deposited to the user’s account the next day. After this upgrade, referrals can also get a certain percentage of the transaction fees as rewards. For details about the new referral rewards scheme, please click on the link:

2. The launch time of the new referral rewards scheme

May 7, 2021

3. FAQ

· What are the new features of the upgraded referral rewards scheme?

1. Original referral rewards scheme: the commission ratio changes with the CET holdings

New referral rewards scheme: the commission ratio changes with the VIP Level

2. Original referral rewards scheme: Users invited to register and trade on CoinEx have no rewards

New referral rewards scheme: Users invited to register and trade on CoinEx can get a certain percentage of the transaction fees for referral rewards

Reward ratio for referrals = basic commission ratio * reward coefficient. For example, when user A invites user B to register and trade on CoinEx, user A can get 40% of user B’s transaction fees, and now user A can additionally set a reward coefficient (ranging from 0 to 100%) to return part of the the 40% to user B. In that case, the proportion of user A’s commission to user B’s reward is fixed. When the basic commission ratio changes (say, in cases where his or her VIP Level changes or he or she becomes a CoinEx Ambassador), user A’s commissions and user B’s rewards will also change proportionally.

3. Original referral rewards scheme: a user can use only 1 referral link

New referral rewards scheme: a user can use multiple (20) referral links, and set a specific reward ratio for each of the referral links

Users will have 1 default referral link and can create additional 19 referral links (at most 20 links including the default one). Users can set a reward ratio for a specific referral link, add a remark to a link, set a link as the default, etc.

4. Original referral rewards scheme: Users can’t check commission data in details

New referral rewards scheme: Users can check detailed records of referrals and commissions, by the referral code if they want.

In the commission records, users can view commissions on both spot trading and perpetual contract trading, not just the aggregate data.

5. Original referral rewards scheme: with no graphs presenting promotion data

New referral rewards scheme: with new “Promotion Data Analysis” graphs showing users their promotion data

The number of referrals and commissions are displayed in graphs every day.

What’s the relation between CoinEx VIP Level and the commission ratio?

The commission ratio is updated in real time according to the VIP Level of CoinEx users. See below for more details:

There are various levels for CoinEx VIP members and depending on your VIP level, you will enjoy different fees discount.

  1. You can update VIP Level when your CET holdings meet the requirements.

Can I get a permanent commission if I refer friends to CoinEx?

The commission ratio and reward ratio become valid from the time the referral actually registers, and will be halved 6 months later. Twelve months after the referral’s registration time, the referee will no longer receive commissions on the referral’s transaction fees, and the referral will not receive rewards from his or her own transaction fees either.



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