Decrypting MEW: the Cat-themed Memecoin

3 min readApr 2, 2024

Solana Meme coin revolution continues to dominate the crypto market, with the latest addition to the list being the MEW coin, which blew up after going viral on X. MEW coin is currently making waves in the meme coin world by challenging the dominance of the dog-themed coins, with a simple slogan, ‘Cat in a Dog World.’

A Brief History and Background

MEW coin, a recent addition to the market, was introduced on March 26th, 2024, experiencing a remarkable price surge driven by the buzz surrounding Solana. Despite the founder’s decision to remain anonymous, MEW coin swiftly reached a trading value surpassing $150 million within the first 3 hours of its launch, subsequently soaring by over 15,500% within the first 7 hours. Currently, the coin is priced at $0.005772.

With its eye-catching white mascot, the MEW coin easily stands out in the meme coin market. Moreover, since its launch, the cat coin has experienced a surge in trading activity, indicating the growing interest in this coin.

The Price of MEW Rise on CoinEx

MEW coin initially surged to remarkable heights but experienced a significant decline before gradually rebounding. Despite its volatile journey, the cryptocurrency is now showing signs of recovery. With a surge in interest surrounding MEW, numerous investors are deliberating on the opportune moment to enter the market.

This coin has a decent mission, being the only representative of the feline breed in a crypto meme world dominated by dog mascots. Currently, the market cap stands at $244 Million, which is an impressive number, especially for a coin that was just recently launched.

What’s more, the community behind the cat coin is slowly but surely growing, and soon enough, many cat-lovers who’re also crypto traders will likely get drawn to this coin. Even though the future is bright, this coin has to break its previous high of $0.00369998 for the big whales to invest in it long-term. If you’d like to trade on this coin, the best place to get outstanding spreads and volatility is at CoinEx.

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